Commuter Students

Commuting students are a valuable part of the Villanova community! While the many opportunities available at Villanova, both in and out of the classroom, are available equally to residential and commuting students, we do offer some special programs intended specifically for our commuting students.

Campus Activities Team

The Campus Activities Team is the primary student organization for all student programming on campus. "CAT" as they are affectionately known, offers a great way to get involved on campus in planning events such as concerts, major speakers, comedy routines, and more. CAT also sponsors commuter programs which give commuting students a reason to stay on campus! There is always something to look forward to, whether it be Wednesday night open mics, Friday afternoon lunches, or the spring concert. To learn more, check out the CAT Programming website.

Learning Communities for Commuting Students

Through their shared experiences, the students in these programs form a close community and lasting friendships with one another. They also have the chance to interact with faculty outside of class, to get to know Villanova administrators and staff, and to enjoy special opportunities throughout their first year of school. The transition to college can be challenging for commuting students. Being part of a Learning Community helps the student through the initial transition that students face their first year in college.