Social Event Policies and Procedures

All off-campus social events must be registered and approved through the Office of Student Involvement. Each semester, representatives from all student organization wishing to host an off-campus social event must attend a training where the social event registration process is reviewed.


* 2017 Spring Formal Paperwork.pdf
Please review this prior to reserving a date.



Before February 17, 2017

____     Complete and submit the “Social Event Date Reservation Request Form” for semester social events Student organization formal dates will be approved on a first come, first serve basis.

No Later than 3 weeks before the event

____     Review the “Villanova University: Third Party Vendor Checklist” with your vendor. Make sure the vendor initials and signs the checklist. Submit the checklist to 217 Dougherty Hall.

____     Submit all necessary documentation pertaining to the “Villanova University: Third Party Vendor Checklist”. This includes the contract, certificate of insurance, liquor license, and bus contract. Include banquet / catering menu detailing food offerings to 217 Dougherty Hall.

____     Include your Villanovatix form found in 214 Dougherty Hall. Tickets will be available for purchase on Villanovatix once event paperwork is approved.


Click here to schedule your event and to reserve space for your Student Organization. 

For Table requests (bake sale, ticket sales, t-shirt sales, etc) for the Oreo, Bartley Atrium, Dougherty Hall, and the Connelly Center please visit:
214 Dougherty Hall.