Create a New Student Organization

New Student Organization Petition

Welcome to the Office of Student Involvement! The following is an outline intended to provide you with resources and information on how to effectively become a recognized student organization at Villanova University.

  • Complete the petition above to start a recognized organization.
    • Please note that student organizations must be initiated, organized and run by current matriculated Villanova students.
    • Obtain 12 names, email addresses, and signatures of active members.
    • Only faculty, staff, and officially registered students shall be eligible for active membership status in student organizations. Only full-time, officially registered students (not on full-time internships) shall be eligible to serve as appointed or elected officers in registered student organizations.
  • Create a one page proposal highlighting the mission, purposes, goals, and objectives of your student organization. Please attach this to your petition.
    • Become familiar with Student Involvement’s mission statement, so that the purpose of your organization will be congruent with those mission statements.
  • Schedule a meeting with the Director for the Office of Student Involvement, JJ Brown, to discuss approval for the petition. Your advisor is welcome to attend this meeting. Please email: to set up a meeting time.

  • After your meeting with the Office of Student Involvement, complete the organization’s Constitution and By-laws according to the template provided.

  • Send a copy of your completed Constitution and Bylaws to

  • Read the Student Organization Handbook located online or copies are available in 102 Dougherty Hall.

  • Schedule a time to take the online new student organization quiz in the Office of Student Involvement - 102 Dougherty Hall. During this meeting, there will also be time to clarify any additional questions the student leader or Student Involvement may have.

  • Once you’ve passed – Congratulations! Now register your organization on VU Groups by visiting Student Involvements website.

  • There will be 30-day New Organization Registration period of provisional approval. After this period, there will be a letter sent to the student leader of the organization granting them full student organization access.






Click here for student organizations looking to host an event such as a speaker, fundraiser, student organization programming. 


To reserve a table for your student organization at one of these locations:

  • the Oreo
  • Dougherty Hall
  • Connelly Center
  • Bartley Atrium  

please visit 102 Dougherty Hall. 

Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance and can be made up to 3 consecutive days.