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Insurance & Risk Management Considerations

Certificates of Insurance

  • Any vendor coming on campus to provide services or products is required to provide an insurance certificate meeting the below requirements.
    • Villanova University must be named as Additional Insured.
    • General Liability: $3,000,000 each occurrence minimum*
    • Automobile Liability: $3,000,000 each accident minimum* 
    • *The General and Automobile Liability limits can be made by means of Umbrella or Excess Liability
    • Workers Compensation/Employers Liability: Statutory (waived if sole proprietor)
  • Preferred Vendors/ University Suppliers have current insurance certificates on file.
  • If a vendor does not meet our standard requirements above, please ask the vendor to send an insurance certificate with its maximum limits evidenced for Insurance & Risk Management to review. Only Insurance & Risk Management can make exceptions to University‚Äôs standard insurance requirements.


  • Contracts should be reviewed by Insurance & Risk Management before being signed. Some contracts depending on value will also be sent to General Counsel for review.
  • The vendor will often provide a contract into which we can incorporate our terms and conditions.
  • Only those with signing authority for Villanova can sign contracts.  Students do not have authority to sign contracts.


  • Required for minors (under 18) participating in University events. Must be signed by parent or legal guardian of minor.
  • Required for University sponsored trips off campus.
  • Required for certain inherently risky activities held on campus, such as inflatables, athletic activities, etc.


  • Any company hired by Villanova to transport our students or others (including minors) must be a University Preferred or Approved Bus Company.  The current approved bus company listing is always available on the Insurance and Risk Management website.

Interaction with Minors (non-students under age 18)





Important Forms for Advisors

Student club/organization Advisors should be aware that they may have a legal obligation to report certain crimes or suspected child abuse of which they become aware in their capacity as an advisor.  Please review these forms:

Sexual Assault Resource Guide and Flow Chart 2016.pdf

Risk Mgmt Handout.docx