Advisor Information

Thank you for your willingness to serve as a student organization Advisor!  

This page was designed to guide you in your role.  Please note that consistent with our student development philosophy, Advisors are selected by students.  Your tenure within the organization is determined by your willingness to partcipate, the student leaders, and the Office of Student Involvement.

Expectations/Functions of an Advisor

Specific functions of the advisor are listed below.  Individual organizations may expand upon these through their constitutions.

  • The advisor should be aware of the organization's meetings and activities. He/she need not attend all of these activities but a frequent visit is appropriate.
  • The advisor should meet with the executive committee of the organization a minimum of once per month during the academic year. Executive committee meetings are the ideal arenas for establishing a meaningful working relationship with a group and for exercising effective advisorship.
  • The advisor should obtain minutes of all organizational meetings for review.
  • The advisor must be registered as the Faculty/Staff Advisor on VU Groups, giving them access to a complete officer and membership list with addresses and phone numbers.
  • The advisor should be aware of financial transactions of the group and their budget status. The advisor should periodically review club finances with the organization treasurer or business manager.
  • The advisor should be knowledgeable of the organization's purpose and constitution and help the general membership adhere to them in decision making
  • The advisor should be aware of the student organization’s financial status, spending and account balances.
  • The advisor may assist the students in adding the role of the Advisor to the Constitution and Bylaws.  This should include the selection process that the student leadership team will use to select their Advisor.
  • The advisor MUST be present at:
    • any organization function, held on campus, at which alcohol is served.
    • any outdoor event held on campus.
    • any event that is more than 300 miles away from campus
  • The  advisor  should  serve  as an academic resource for  the  organization, ensuring that no one in academic difficulty serves in a key office, and offering assistance to any group members who are in need.
  • The advisor is encouraged to discuss the annual report that is required each Spring in order to re-register.
  • Approve and post of newswire blurbs checking for errors
    • Log into MyNova and on the “Home” tab click on the “Links” tab.  Then click on the “Important” tab and finally click on the “Wildcat Newswire” link
  • The advisor should direct students to the Office of Student Involvement to approve all tee-shirt designs, flyers and fundraising events.
  • The advisor should attend the Advisors’ Meetings held in August/February.
  • The advisor should become familiar with VU Groups and its functions.
  • The advisor should be in contact with the Office of Student Involvement with any concerns or questions.  Mentor advisors are available to assist new advisors.
  • Advisors should assist students with leadership transition from year to year.

Important Forms for Advisors

Student club/organization Advisors should be aware that they may have a legal obligation to report certain crimes or suspected child abuse of which they become aware in their capacity as an advisor.  Please review these forms:

Sexual Assault Resource Guide and Flow Chart 2016.pdf

Risk Mgmt Handout.docx