Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Special Olympics Pennsylvania Fall Festival! Please make sure to read through the various opportunities that are available to you as a volunteer. We will do our best to accommodate every volunteering request on a first come, first serve basis.

Fall Festival Volunteer Opportunities

For Villanova students please contact our On-Campus Volunteers committee at oncampusvols@villanovaspo.com with any questions.

On Campus Volunteers - There will be a form posted in the fall to sign up to be a volunteer!


For local schools, businesses, organizations, and families please contact our Off-Campus Volunteers committee at offcampusvols@villanovaspo.com with any questions.

Off Campus Volunteers - If you are the point of contact or an individual registering not as a part of a group, there will be a form to fill out in the fall! 

Off Campus Volunteers - If you are a member of the group but not the point of contact, there will be a form to fill out in the fall! (If you are the point of contact, this is where the link to the form to share with group members will be) 


(Below are descriptions of the different volunteer roles!)


Volunteer to be a part of the Awards team and help celebrate the athletes accomplishments! Awards volunteers help with checking in the athletes and their coaches and help with ushering, staging, and organizing medals during the ceremony. It is a great way to be involved during the weekend and a great way to commend the athletes for all the amazing things they do.


Competition volunteers cheer on the athletes, keep score and time, act as flag/line judges, and fulfill any necessary sport-specific roles. The six competition sports include:

  • Bocce
  • Long Distance Running/Walking (LDR/W)
  • Powerlifting
  • Rollerskating
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball


Thank you for your interest and commitment to the 2017 Evaluations Team! Evaluations volunteers roam the venues and events of Fall Festival gathering feedback using a book of questions that we provide! Please fill out the following questions to help us get an idea of your availability. If you are interested, please contact us at evaluations@villanovaspo.com!

Fans in the Stands

Our new “Fans in the Stands” program creates an upbeat, inclusive atmosphere for both Special Olympics athletes and volunteers. By making signs, clapping, and cheering at one of the six venues, you will help keep the athletes energized during their competitions. Being a “Fan in the Stands” is an incredible opportunity to get involved and share in the athletes' spirit of competition. 


Food is an integral part of Fall Festival. Each year, we provide food to over 1,500 athletes and guests. Some of the possible volunteering options include serving food and checking credentials at the entrance of the dining halls. This is a great opportunity to interact with the athletes outside of competition. Join the food crew!

Healthy Athletes

Since officially launching in 1997 as a Special Olympics program, Healthy Athletes has grown to provide a multitude of health screenings for Special Olympics athletes. Healthy Athletes strives to improve athletes' ability to train and compete in Special Olympics competitions. Healthy Athletes volunteers help to run a health clinic on Saturday and Sunday of Fall Festival. In addition to the health examinations that will be conducted at Fall Fest at Villanova, Healthy Athletes sponsors a Healthy Habits fair which provides information on sun safety, hydration, nutrition, bone health, and physical activity. Lastly, we have an Active Athletes component which organizes group fitness classes.

Media & Publicty

Media & Publicity has an exciting volunteer opportunity at Fall Festival! We need volunteers to act as paparazzi and take pictures of athletes at their competitions. We also are looking for volunteers to act as sideline reporters at competition venues, feeding us real-time updates and video highlights to post on our social media platforms. This is a great opportunity to interact with the athletes and see some competition! Note: You must bring your own camera! We can't wait to have you! If you are interested, please email media@villanovaspo.com.


Special Olympics is looking for Security volunteers who are dependable and flexible with time and duties. CPR certification is not necessary but preferable. Volunteers will be responsible for monitoring competition for unsafe situations and work closely with Medical volunteers to ensure the safety and well-being of all athletes. Volunteers looking for a fun enjoyable atmosphere coupled with rewarding service should not miss out on this opportunity!


Transportation volunteers will have the exciting opportunity to welcome in the athletes, their families, and all volunteers to Fall Festival! Our volunteers will work as parking/hype crew wherein they will organize vehicles in various parking lots around campus and creating spirit lines. If you are interested in blasting music, dancing your heart out, and create a positive first impression of Fall Festival for all in attendance, Transportation volunteering is the role for you! We will segment volunteers in 1-hour blocks so volunteers will have more than enough time to volunteer with other aspects of the weekend! 

Unified Sports

New to Villanova Special Olympics Fall Festival this year will be a Unified Sports Flag Football Competitiion. We will need your help in either participating in competition alongside Special Olympics athletes, as well as collaborating with committee members to run or supervise the competition during Fall Festival! Consider volunteering and being a pioneer for this incredible program! In the comments section on the registration form, please specify either "Unified Partner" to be allocated as an actual athlete for the competition, or "Unified Volunteer" to assist with other portions of the competition!

Special Volunteer Opportunities

Our Special Volunteer Opportunities are tailored to the needs of unique populations and/or require specialized skills to volunteer. Please read this information carefully and contact the appropriate committee for more information.


Thank you so much for taking the time to sign up as a housing volunteer! As a housing volunteer, you have the opportunity to spend the night off campus at a hotel for free! You will be playing an integral part in the athletes' Fall Festival experience! You can sign up to volunteer for the nights of Thursday (11/9), Friday (11/10), or Saturday (11/11). You can volunteer for as many nights as you wish. We will provide transportation to and from the hotels. Please keep in mind that you can volunteer for other events and venues during the day in addition to being a housing volunteer! In order to be a housing volunteer, you will be required to undergo a background check. Upon completion of this form, we will send you more information outlining the process. Please email housing@villanovaspo.com if you are interested!


The medical volunteer plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the athletes at the Fall Festival.  Medical volunteers are stationed at competition venues, dining halls, and Olympic Town, and are responsible for attending to minor injuries an athlete sustains, which typically includes administering bandages and ice packs for cuts or bruises.  Medical volunteers also are expected to notify the medical committee via radio of any incidents of major injury so that EMS support can be dispatched.  Medical volunteers are required to be CPR certified.


The Young Athletes Program, or YAP, is always held on the Saturday of Fall Fest. YAP focuses on children ages 2-7 (both with and without different abilities) to introduce basic sports skills while in a playful and inclusive environment! YAP Pro-Vols can expect to help by running different stations that practice a different skill (such as running, kicking, throwing, etc.) throughout the time allotted for the program. We will also need help attending to an arts and crafts table/a face-painting station! Volunteers will also have the opportunity to take the Young Athletes and their families through O-Town and to Healthy Athletes, allowing participants to really experience Fall Fest and welcome them to the world of Special Olympics. We prefer to have volunteers that can commit to the full time of YAP (which will be 9:30 am until about 2:30 pm) to make the program as smooth as possible. Lunch will be provided for all volunteers. Please email athleteinvolvement@villanovaspo.com if you are interested! 




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Contact Us

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