Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2018

8:00: Call to Order

8:00 – 8:02: Roll Call

  • Absent- Collin Howley, Jessica Eismann, Kyle Krutis, Laura Persinski, Lauren Munter, Peter Butera

8:03: Adoption of the Agenda

  • Motion seconded
    Brian King is interim Dean of the Senate

 8:05: Approval of Minutes

  • Motion seconded

8:05 – 8:15: Standing Committee Updates / ASOP / Ad-Hocs: Wildcat Statue / Junior Prom

  • Msj- 
    • Feast with the friars went well
    • Nova Nook planning next week in conjunction with the Eboard
    • Doodle will be sent out
    • Proposal tonight
    • Demonstrations policies sent out
  • Campus Climate
    • Campaign- meet with organizations to create dialogue to make improvements and how SGA can help
    • Feminova, ACT, VUPride etc 
  • Intellectual Climate
    • Fireside chat with provost
    • $750 to rent the President’s lounge
    • Will talk with Joe about this 
  • Student Life Advisory
    • Met with Title IX coordinator, would Student gov be interested in cosponsoring event?
      • Working on that
    • Alissa Perez is waiting for response
  • ASOP
    • Met at Drexel last Friday
    • Made a google form for being to join lobbying effort
    • If senators from each class could put it in their class facebook group that would be
  • Wildcat Statue
    • We need surveys sent around
    • Still need to meet with Athletics
    • Have to express interest from alumni
  • Junior Prom
    • Working with VUTC, the Inn from Villanova
    • Still same spreadsheet from the other meeting
    • Pat has an update on the budget
    • No spending since beginning of the year
    • Feast with Friars receipts soon

8:15 – 8:30: Nomination and Confirmation of Dean of Senate Position

  • Tabled until more people are here

8:30 – 8:35: Laundry Review Letter  - Senator Clarkin, Class of 2021

  • Complaint from the laundry system
  • Permission to write letter to change the laundry system
    • Fixing units, receiving reports from RAs regarding status, updating wildcard reader
  • Quad is an issue with laundry
  • Motion approved
    • Letter will be drafted

8:35 – 8:45: Staff Appreciation Day - Senator Tawfik, CLAS

  • Responsibility of Mission and Social Justice
  • Usually costs $4000
    • CAT is splitting the cost
  • Need to approve the $2000 budget
  • Debate
    • Does the university sponsor something?
      • No
    • 11-3- order food, favors, sponsorship from different departments
  • MSJ also has to host another Feast with the Friars
  • Second or third week of April
  • Motion to vote
    • Requires ⅔ vote
    • 19 yeas, 0 nay, 0 abstention


8:45 – 8:50: Initial Introduction of Constitutional Amendment - Senator Whiting, VU Pride

  • Introduction of Amendments may warrant debate, however the debate can be held prior to the vote on ratification of the Amendment at the following meeting.
  • BCS would like a voting member on the Senate
  • Darrel Suarez
  • Tim- invite other multicultural societies for other positions
  • Tony- Daryl could fill other spots available on campus
  • Eriny- that could be problematic
  • Ayan- a catch all multicultural might not be able to express needs and concerns of every different culture
  • Matt Clarkin- first we should fill the other positions we have
    • Eriny thinks these are separate issue
  • There is a need for them here, and they expressed interest

-Closed Debate

8:50 – 8:55: Student Summit Ad-Hoc Committee - Speaker Barnard, CLAS

  • Brian is the speaker Pro-temp
  • All student based leadership summit
  • Facilitated by SGA
  • Inviting leaders on campus, students can be nominated from departments
  • Collective actions and recommendations can come from this
  • Resolution to create an ad-hoc committee to eventually bring plans and spending
  • Motion passed 

8:55 – 9:00: Internal Review Ad-Hoc Committee and External Review- Speaker Barnard, CLAS

  • Speaker and Committee Chairs will review and produce comprehensive report to present
  • Ayan- this could be biased
  • Owen- this is not individual performance reviews
  • Tim- motion to amend to appoint people to committee
  • Tony- motion to suspend the rules
  • Maura- motion to provide weekly updates
  • Eriny- sees merit in committee chairs, also in nominations for comprising committee
  • Also external review


January 31, 2018

● Quorum is present

  • Absent- Amanda Rappa, Bridie Dunn, Kyle Krutis,
  • Agenda is adopted

Committee Updates

  • Mission and Social Justice
    • Student speaker policy is completed
    • Approval will be next meeting
    • Safe zone certification happened last friday
    • Makeup will be soon
    • Feast with the friars
      • On vutix
      • Friars have already rsvped
      • Facebook event will be created, invite people
  • Intellectual Climate
    • Meeting about printing
    • Fireside chat with the provost
  • Frank Fazio- Associated Students of Philadelphia Student Advocate
    • Met for the first time last Thursday
    • Student forum will be set up by Sunday
    • Info session on Wednesday the 14th
  • Campus Climate
    • Organization of ideas will be on email, check email
  • Student Life Advisory
    • SGA’s continuing role in being apart of budgeting process for student organizations
    • Met with Title IX coordinator about sga’s continued involvement in sexual assault committee
    • Diversity and inclusion meeting on Friday Morning
  • Freshman Senators
    • Office of 1st and 2nd year initiatives
    • Food trucks?
    • Open to Suggestions
  •  Andy Ye
    • Resigning from position
    • Started a new job, more commitment
    • Happy with direction of SGA
    • Will find replacement
  • Senator Tim
    • See attached speech
  • Taylor Lindemuth now Chair of the Senate
  • Owen- Motion for No Confidence
    • See attached speech
  • Tim responds
  • Now in a Committee of the Whole
    • Speaker’s List
  •  Eriny Tawfik
    • Not against Tim as a person or his beliefs, but his ability to serve in current role
    • This is a piece of legislation that we have passed
    • If we are unable to uphold what we passed, what are we doing?
    • We are obligated to move forward for what we passed
  • Brian King
    • Our classmates do not feel safe on our campus
    • Bystander intervention, just another type of training
    • Individuals need to know of basic resources
  • Ayan Goran
    • Doesn’t think all views are good, doesn’t mean some views aren’t harmful
    • I think Tim has to empathize, but shouldn't be compelled
    • Even if went through the training, he still wouldn’t be a safe zone
    • In support of no confidence
  • Tony Busa
    • Appreciate willingness to share, however I feel that a acceptable definition of safe zones has been defined, and if Tim doesn’t agree, Tony is in support of no confidence.
  • Zach Hogan
    • Issue is poignant for his position
    • Tried to get everyone's positions
    • We need to act as a student body based on the voices that were heard tonight
    • Most impactful from public comment:
      • If serving the people was never in your interest, why join student government?
        • Would be unfit to lead
      • We wouldn't be doing our due diligence if people velieve we do not accurately represent our constituents.
  • Aislinn Keenan
    • This about the legislation that was passed
    • We worked so hard to get the senate structured like this, we need to respect the rules we put in place
    • “Looking past whiteness” comment-Mentality of self righteousness brought us here today
    • If we do not get this certified, will step down from position
  • Matt Clarkin
    • Found certification incredibly helpful
    • Safe zone training is resource oriented, space of respect
    • Safe zone and safe space are not the same
    • Respect Tim’s right for his opinion
    • Should be afforded right to attend the makeup training
    • Condemn Tim for not upholding the legislation
  • Peter Butera
    • Fully support safe zones
    • Cannot vote to punish Tim
    • Seems hypocritical to exclude Tim when pushing for inclusivity
    • Think it would be a huge mistake to get rid of Tim, but doesn’t agree with Tim
  • Eriny- motion to suspend rules
    • Brian King seconded
    • Does not believe that Tim will go to the second training
    • Doesn’t see any gray area with where Tim stands on this
    • Tim is not forced, but he is not fit to uphold the legislation
  • Owen
    • Clarified: This removes Tim from his leadership position, not kicked off senate
    • Can be revisited to see if Tim does go to his training
    • This is not based on what Tim believes, based on the legislation
    • We are not motioning to remove Tim from legislative branch
  • Ayan
    • Our role should be conducive with the role of safe zone training
    • Bothered by the idea that SGA shouldn’t be a safe zone
  • Tony
    • We apparently still do not know the definition of safe zone
    • This is not a personal belief, this is a resource
  • Lauren Munter
    • This is about the legislation that was passed
  • Erika Faust
    • Has devoted a lot of time to try to understand the issue
    • This is not a personal attack against Tim
    • This should be done to uphold the integrity of SGA
    • We have to follow our procedure

Vote of No Confidence

  • Tim proclaimed that he will attend the training.
  • We will still vote for no confidence








Yea, Nay, Abstain, Absent





Amanda Rappa










Andy Ye











Anthony Busa










Ayan Goran










Becca Ilic










Brian King










Bridie Dunn










Colin Howley










Connor Kovacs










Erika Faust










Eriny Tawfik










Frank Fazio










Jessica Eisemann










John Michael Kinsella










Kate Montebello










Katie Connolly










Kyle Krutis










Laura Persinski










Lauren Munter










Marisa Reinhart










Matthew Clarkin










Matthew Whiting










Maura Rose










Owen Barnard










Peter Butera










Taylor Lindenmuth










Timothy D'Agostino









13 yeas, 3 nays, 8 abstentions, Motion passes with a simple majority, Tim will be removed from Dean of the Senate


Motion to adjourn was seconded. 





January 24, 2018


8:30: Call to Order


8:30 – 8:32: Roll Call

●      Absent- Bridie, Lauren Munter


8:33: Adoption of the Agenda

●      motion


8:35: Approval of Minutes

●      motion


8:35 – 8:45: Committee Updates - New Senator Confirmation (℅ 2018)

●      Mission and social justice- Safe Zone Certification Reminder

  • Villanovans Against Sweatshops- we voted to adopt language, we don’t have a letter of general support
  • Proposal later on Nova Nook
  • Feast With Friars- Tuesday 2/6 6-8pm in West Lounge, food and friars

●      Intellectual Climate

  • Meeting on Friday with Nick Bruns 1:30 in Technology Services Building about printing
  • Susan Link- Fireside chat with provost- two dates to choose from
  • New ideas as well

●      Campus Climate

  • Please respond to doodle
  • Project coming up

●      Student Life Advisory

  • Met  Villanova integrated program, looking for feedback
  • Another meeting next week

●      Wildcat Statue

  • Meeting with admins
  • Talking to alumni, made a survey that is going out in next SGA email and facebook pages to gauge interest
  • Main issue of admin- not enough interest in statue
  • Contact Tony if you want to help
  • Can send meeting minutes

●      Junior Prom Committee

  • More details and plans coming soon

●      Fraternity Update

  • IFC met this week to discuss opportunities to stay involved, men who were interested in joining frat
  • National IFC- sending reps to campus, governing body that oversees IFC
  • Devise plan of action moving forward
  • Looking at pilot program, if it could work here
  • Sarah Hernandez, Assistant Director of FSL- meeting with Joe to determine calendar of events for the rest of semester
    • IFC, men who want to get involved, meet and greets
  • Tim- Motion for Erica to tell us about herself
  • Erica Faust- math major, equestrian team, Level,
  • Confirmed

●      Tim’s Update

  • See transcript of speech attached.
  • Opened the floor for discussion
    • Peter- agrees with ideas of Safe Spaces, doesn’t think Tim should lose his position over this
    • Ayan- still a place to be challenged, Safe Spaces needed for certain demographics
    • Erica- safe spaces were present in her schools- safe spaces were a good thing at her school, promoted a more accepting culture in this high school
    • Brian- can go through training, but not sign the pledge
    • Tony- the issue at hand is we have legislation that was passed that requires senators to be certified
    • Maura- Doesn’t believe that Tim should have to leave, is there a way to make this work
    • Collin- agrees with Maura on this statement, how can we keep Tim on
    • Taylor- active listening and empathy learned at safe zones is an important school
    • Eriny- the legislation was passed, what should we do from here, how do we hold each other accountable
    • Tony- we can change the legislation
  • Motion to open debate
  • Motion to close debate, passed

8:45 – 9:00: Nova Nook Drive - Eriny Tawfik, Chair MSJ

●      Eriny proposes a drive for the Nova Nook

●      Donations and senators meeting with constituents

  • Tony- why are we fully supporting this organization?
    • There is a need for hygienic products, food on campus, the MSJ Committee supports it, Student Life, Financial Aid Office, President’s, and off campus donations
  • Katie- why just class senators?
    • Class senators cover everyone, but can invite other senators
  • Brian- motion to amend to include all senators
    • Approved
  • Tony- has concern for people showing up
  • Eriny- free food in more accessible places, high traffic areas

23 yays, 0 nays, 0 abstentions- passed


9:00 – 9:10: TAPINGO Letter Approval

●      Eriny-  does not like this idea for campus

●      Collin- sees it as a practical thing for campus

●      Matt Clarkin- dining services still has to approve this

●      Andy- believes this will drive up prices

●      Tony- this is just a letter to show interest

Letter was approved


9:10 – 9:15: SGA Campus Contact Information - Matt McCarry, President

●      Create a database for different contacts on campus, for newer members of SGA to see who to address issues with

●      50 people Matt has already dealt with


9:15 – 9:20: South Campus Updates - Class of 2021 Senators.

●      Spent time in spit taking survey of the freshman people

●      250 responses

●      Material and suggestions for new projects

●      Stanford gym hours, holy grounds on south 


9:20 – 9:30: General Speeches (limited to 1 minutes per Senator)

9:30: Adjournment