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The Villanova Leadership Program

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The Fall 2020 VLP Registration is full. If you would like to be put on the waitlist, please contact Jack Sherwood (

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“And take a look at yourself too! Never be satisfied with what you already are, if you want to be what you are not yet." ~ St. Augustine

Leadership is not a characteristic reserved for the extraordinary. Discover the leader within you, explore your personal core values, and connect with other students.

The Villanova Leadership Program hosts prominent leaders with decades of experience as guest speakers every semester.


The Villanova Leadership Program has three core pillars:

I. Shining a light on prominent leadership theories

II. Sharing useful leadership tips and tricks that members can apply immediately

III. Providing opportunities to network with other students and campus leaders



Registration for the Fall 2020 Semester is now closed. There will be a Spring 2021 VLP as well. Be on the look out for that. Please reach out to Jack Sherwood ( with any questions or concerns.

The VLP can typically host a maximum of 200 students per semester. Registration is free and open to all students. Students that attend four of our six workshops will receive a Certificate of Leadership and are invited to attend a leadership dinner. 

Topics for these fun and interactive workshops include Attributes of Effective Leadership, Strategies for Influencing Others, Interpersonal Intelligence and Relationships, Effective Communication, and Principles of Ethical Leadership.



Fall 2020 Schedule (Subject to change)

Unless otherwise noted, modules start at 3:00 PM

September 4th, 2020 Attributes of Effective Leadership     Zoom link 
September 11th, 2020   Interpersonal Intelligence   Zoom link 
September 18th, 2020   Understanding People in Interpersonal Relationships   Zoom link 
September 26th, 2020   VLP Mentoring Session    Location TBD
    Mid Term Break    
October 16th, 2020   Effective Communication   Zoom link 
October 17th, 2020   VLP Mentoring Session    Location TBD
October 23rd, 2020   Strategies for Influencing Others   Zoom link 
October 24th, 2020   VLP Mentoring Session   Location TBD
October 30th, 2020     Ethical and Effective Leadership   Zoom link 

Fall 2020 Closing Ceremony is TBD for a date in Novemember. Once the date and conferral process have been set members will receive an email. 



VLP Online Modules:


Great Leaders' Messages for Villanova:

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