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Villanova Challenge Course


To help battle COVID-19 together through social distancing, the Villanova Challenge Course has suspended physical operations. We will be taking requests to set up VIRTUAL sessions. Please click learn more to set up a session!



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“I was really impressed with this session! I truly had no idea how we were going to make a virtual challenge course work, but it was exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed it!”

"It was such a great opportunity for some of our new members to get to know each other better, and the activities were so fun and creative!"

About the Villanova Challenge Course

The Villanova Challenge Course and Low Ropes Course is challenging, demanding and fun! Groups must work together to accomplish physically and mentally challenging tasks.  After each activity, facilitators process and breakdowns the elements that contributed to the success of the group.  Discussion will also reveal obstacles that caused frustration and problems along the way.

Through taking risks, participants gain new personal and interpersonal skills and insights - the basis for growth and change. Activities are safe, stimulating, and occur in an atmosphere of support and caring. Results can be rapid and profound.

Program Benefits

Outdoor challenge programs are unprecedented in their success in providing activities focused on teamwork and mutual support.

  • Build team skills in cooperation
  • Raise appreciation and respect for differences within the group
  • Develop trust and group problem-solving skills
  • Allow for the practice of new skills, with feedback
  • Recreate a work setting in a supportive environment
  • Develop respect for others' opinions in discussions
  • Raise self-esteem and confidence
  • Utilize resources appropriately and efficiently
  • Uncover issues that may be stumbling blocks for the group as well as best practices for success

Program Design

Our professional staff will custom design your training program so that it meets your specific goals and objectives. We can tailor a challenge program to:

  • develop leadership skills
  • build a sense of team
  • increase interpersonal awareness
  • focus on problem-solving skills
  • target particular issues
  • bring out positive qualities
  • work with existing or new teams
  • provide pure fun and enjoyment of vigorous outdoor activity
CAT and IHC CHallenge Course

Program Elements

The VCC offers a variety of physically and mentally demanding challenges.  Many activities can also be done indoors!  These activities are perfect for groups looking to achieve a common goal.

All sessions are customized for your group!

Program Length

The professional staff can custom design a program to fit your time needs. Generally, a minimum 2-3 hour program is recommended.  Villanova Students receive a free 2-hour session based on availability.  Full-day, half-day, and multi-day programs are all available.

Group Size

In order to reap the benefits of the program, it is recommended to have a group size of at least 8 participants. 

Reservation, Fees, and More Info

Rates are per session.  We do extend a non-profit discount based on need.  For more information on program fees or to make a reservation please click the button below:

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