Student Organizations at Villanova University

Welcome to Villanova University! At Villanova we talk a lot about community. One of the goals of student organizations on campus is to provide that sense of community, a shared space to get to know one another exploring your passions with fellow students, faculty, or staff. 

Villanova provides many opportunities for students to get involved in co-curricular activities, all of which enrich campus life and allows students to share their passions with others. See below for some amazing ways to experience Villanova. Take this "Tour and Explore" survey to learn more about what student organizations may be of interest to you!


Academic Interest groups

Take a further dive into your major by exploring academic student organizations. These experiences allow students to better understand their profession through meetings with student organization advisors, access to professional conferences, inside tracks to internships, or hands on experience within their field. Email for more information.


Club Sports and Intramurals

Stay involved with your Athletic experiences by joining an Intramural league to compete in a variety of sports through organized leagues, tournaments and one-day events. A list of Fall sports includes indoor volleyball, sand volleyball, flag football, outdoor soccer, and dodgeball.

Club sports provide students with a more sustained and competitive type of environment. Tryouts take place at varied times during the academic year. For a full list of Club Sports, click here.



Fraternities and Sororities

Greek Social Organizations
Panhellenic Council, Inter Fraternal Council, Multicultural Greek Council

Fraternities and sororities have been active members of the Villanova community for more than 100 years, with missions that seek to evoke leadership qualities in members through engagement in academic, service, philanthropic, and social initiatives. New students are welcome to join during their Spring semester. Look for more information later this academic year on how to join. For a list of active chapters on campus, please visit



APO is Villanova’s ONLY Co-ed Service Fraternity. We have over 100 members in our organization. We are nationally recognized as the Sigma Eta chapter of APO. Our fraternity promotes the principles of Friendship, Leadership, and Philanthropy through both on campus and off campus service and social activities. Email for more information about how to get involved. 



Phi Sigma Pi has been a national honor fraternity focused on scholarship, leadership, and fellowship. We are a gender-inclusive organization with over 135 chapters across the nation. Here at Villanova, our brothers are leaders who strive to make their visions a reality. It is our differences that bring us together and make our brotherhood one of the strongest on campus and in the nation.  Email for more information about how to get involved. 

The Villanova Leadership Program

The Villanova Leadership Program consists of cohesive leadership workshops and lectures designed to accelerate the leadership skills of students as well as build community with fellow Villanovans! This program is free and open to all students. Students that attend four of our six workshops will receive a Certificate of Leadership and are invited to attend an end of semester Leadership Dinner.  

Multicultural Student Organizations

Get involved with one of the many multicultural student organizations on campus to share and experience community with others. Learn more about multicultural student organization involvement opportunities with student organizations such as the Black Student Union (BSU), South Asian Multicultural Organized Student Association (SAMOSA), Hillel, Polish American Cultural Society, Irish Cultural Society, Filipino-American Student Association, and more! Email for more information on how to get connected to these student organizations.


Campus Ministry and CPJE Groups

Students may join a variety of organizations that sponsor prayer, study and social activities on campus. Seekers of all faiths, as well as those outside the bounds of traditional religious belonging, are invited to explore questions of truth and meaning. For more information visit the Campus Ministry and the Center for Peace and Justice website.


Student Activities

Pursue your passion with others through the many options of student activities or interest groups on campus. Want to learn more about the many different student organizations on campus. Visit the list of student organizations page, email for more information on student organizations, or take this "Tour and Explore" survey! 



Student Media Organizations

Join the student media organizations at Villanova University! Click here for more information about the radio station, newspaper, television prodution club, audio and visual tech crew, and yearbook.