Mission Statement

Dedicated to the Augustinian mission of the University, the Office of Student Involvement seeks to foster the growth of the total person, one who builds community, values differences, leads ethically, and serves others. The office also provides a variety of services, programs, and activities to enhance campus life.


Student Learning Goals

Pictured above is Augie! Augie is our model student who takes these five learning goals very seriously.

1. Attitude of Inquiry

Students will engage in critical reflection and thoughtful interaction about issues relevant to themselves, their families, their community, their country and their world.  

2. Intercultural Competence

Students will demonstrate knowledge about cultural issues, a sensitive awareness to the norms and values of cultures other than their own and a willingness to adapt their behaviors to the demands of diverse intercultural situations.  

3. Civic and Global Engagement   

Students will apply their knowledge and skills to improve the well-being of others. Students will become engaged with campus, local, national and international issues. Students demonstrate a commitment to the common good and a responsibility to others.

4. Ethical Leadership and Moral Responsibility

Guided by Catholic and Augustinian values, students will be empowered to take control of their own lives and to take responsibility for creating and maintaining the campus community.  Students will develop the capacity and skills to become effective agents of change.

5. Healthy Living

Students take an active, holistic approach to living a balanced life, engaging in behaviors that promote health and reduce risk, and contribute to the health of their communities.