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Officially formed in 2006, and recognized by both the Villanova University Alumni Association and Special Olympics Pennsylvania, the Villanova Special Olympics Alumni Chapter seeks to unite former committee members and focus their support of the Fall Festival.

Every committee member who joined Special Olympics at Villanova comes from a different background.  Some have family members or friends with intellectual disabilities, others have worked with their local programs during elementary or high school, and some simply have a general passion for service and commitment to the community.  Regardless, by the time our years at Villanova come to an end, the mission of Special Olympics and the enthusiasm and bravery of the athletes impact each of us in ways that we will never forget.

Thanks to the support of over 700 committee alumni, Villanova's Fall Festival has grown to be the largest of its kind in the world.  Through continual improvement and hard work, the Fall Festival has been recognized as a model program for Special Olympics International, and frequently receives information requests from other states looking to establish similar programs in their area.

Each year during the Fall Festival, the VSOAC offers several opportunities for committee alumni and their families.  More specific information on these events will be available at this website in late Summer.

If you have any suggestions for alumni events, or any questions, please feel free to contact us!  See you in November!

2018 Alumni Committee
Matthew Harris '06
Chapter Co-President
2005 Fall Festival Director
Lindsay Morrow '13
Chapter Co-President
2012 Director of Competition

Alumni Events

In Villanova's 35th consecutive year hosting Special Olympics of Pennsylvania (and the 30th hosting the Fall Festival), the event continues to grow and evolve into one of the largest and best student-run programs of its kind in the world.

Several events for committee alumni and their families take place at Fall Festival, including a Happy Hour at Kelly's Taproom in Bryn Mawr. Check back to this website in the fall for more details.

Any questions, please contact our VIP/Finance committee at

Victory Dance

Hannah Durnin '18
2017 Fall Festival Director

Jess Ritchie '17
2016 Fall Festival Director

Bobby Reiff '16
2015 Fall Festival Director

Katie Hickey '15
2014 Fall Festival Director

Katie Bonnell '14
2013 Fall Festival Director

Dan Connell '13
2012 Fall Festival Director

Samantha Brennan '12
2011 Fall Festival Director

Charlie Hannon '11
2010 Fall Festival Director

Allison Kahl '10
2009 Fall Festival Director

Alessandro Roco '09
2008 Fall Festival Director

Jennifer Park '08
2007 Fall Festival Director

Danica Feustel '07
2006 Fall Festival Director

Matthew Harris '06
2005 Fall Festival Director

Colleen Gruffi '05
2004 Fall Festival Director

Jennifer Fleckenstein '04
2003 Fall Festival Director

Maureen Dirscherl '03
2002 Fall Festival Director

Laura Menard Fitzgerald '00
1999 Fall Festival Director

Christopher Culp '99
1998 Fall Festival Director

Andrew Ranley '95
1994 Fall Festival Director

Stephen Ball '94
1993 Fall Festival Director

Erin Wynne '93
1992 Fall Festival Director

Ronald Baglio '92
1991 Fall Festival Director

image of alumni