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photo of Director of Support Services

Festival Director

Name: Gabrielle Grieco
Majors: History and Education Majors 
Hometown: Cranston, Rhode Island 
Previous Position: 2016 Chester County and Bradford Sullivan County LPH,
                                2017 Security Assistant, 2018 Director of Support Services
Favorite SpO Sport: Volleyball
Other Campus Involvement: Blue Key Society, Chi Omega, NovaDance

photo of SOPA Liaison

Faculty Advisor

Name: Steve Koch
Education: M.Ed., Drexel University
Hometown: Havertown, PA
Position: Assistant Director of Student Involvement for Servant Leadership Programs
Previous Position: SOPA Eastern Competition Director
Favorite SpO Sport: All of course!

photo of SOPA Liaison

SOPA Liaison

Name: Gina Reid
Education: Allegheny College
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Position: SOPA Senior Competition Director 
Favorite SpO Sport: All of course!

Photo of Dan

Athlete Representative

Name: Dan Kolb
Hometown: Coatesville, PA
Position: SOPA Global Messenger & Athlete Representative
Favorite SpO Sport: Tennis

Photo of Lisa

Athlete Representative

Name: Lisa Barbour
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Position: SOPA Global Messenger & Athlete Representative 
Favorite SpO Sport: Soccer

Photo of Director of Administration

Director of Administration

Name: Mia McDonough
Majors: Nursing with a Psychology Minor
Hometown: Dedham, Massachusetts
Previous Positions: Luzerne County LPH, Awareness Assistant, Athlete Involvement Assistant
Favorite SpO Sport: Long Distance Running/Walking
Other Campus Involvement: Blue Key Society, Best Buddies

Athlete Involvement
Chair: Lily DuFour
Assistant: Molly Schwarz
Assistant: Brynne Wacker
Assistant: Ryan Weicht

Chair: Alexa Steady
Assistant: Nick Clemente
Assistant: Caden Lorenzini

Computers & Registration
Chair: Molly Bomba
Assistant: Morgan Palumbo
Assistant: Chris Berger

Chair: Kiernan McNelis
Assistant: Adam Aloi
Assistant: Ashley Stamboulian

Chair: Grace Wittenberg
Assistant: Marco Delsanto

Chair: Matt Ramsey
Assistant: Patrick Conners
Assistant: Kelly Everin

photo of Director of Competition

Director of Competition

Name: Cardon Furry
Majors: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: White Plains, New York
Previous Positions: Schuylkill County LPH, Bocce Assistant, Bocce Chair 
Favorite SpO Sport: Bocce
Other Campus Involvement: Blue Key Society, Army ROTC

Chair: Bryan Blasband
Assistant: Phil Dantoin
Assistant: Annie Reilly

Chair: Kate McMahon
Assistant: Ryan Ford

Chair: Aidan Grealish
Assistant: Sarah Devoe

Chair: Danny Henry
Assistant: Stephanie Fragoulias

Chair: Emma Taylor
Assistant: Watson Dill
Assistant: Jeanine Aquino
Assistant: Sarah Banahan
Assistant: Charlie Frank

Chair: Colin Armstrong
Assistant: Ryan Mastromarino
Assistant: Troy Merone
Assistant: Kaeley Hazard

Photo of Director of Human Resources

Director of Human Resources

Name: Nick Conti
Majors: Political Science and Criminology
Hometown: Pasadena, California
Previous Positions: Monroe County LPH, Volleyball Assistant
Favorite SpO Sport: Volleyball
Other Campus Involvement: Blue Key Society, Pre-Law Society, Men's Club Volleyball Team

Local Program Hosts (LPH)
Chair: Hilary Korsen
Assistant: Dal Figueroa
Assistant: Cac Williams
Assistant: Peter Thabit

Media & Publicity
Chair: Christian Keale
Assistant: Daniel Estrada
Assistant: Mary Skobiernda

On Campus Volunteers
Chair: Aileen Manion
Assistant: Mike Kriesel
Assistant: MacKenzie Andra

Off Campus Volunteers
Chair: Ryan Ramsthaler
Assistant: Claire Baudek
Assistant: Mike Davis

Chair: Sam Mara
Assistant: Sarah Fitzpatrick
Assistant: Justin Pritikin

Volunteer Coordinator
Chair: Caitlyn Sarles
Assistant: Emmet Fucigna
Assistant: Robert Bulka

photo of Director of Special Events

Director of Special Events

Name: Meghan Morrissette
Majors: Biology and Spanish
 Chicago, Illinois
Previous Position: Area M LPH, Development Assistant
Favorite SpO Sport: Soccer
Other Campus Involvement: Kappa Delta, VEMS, Pre-Med Club, NovaDance

Chair: Taylor Gray
Assistant: Kit Neville
Assistant: Megan Amico
Assistant: Nick Browne

Chair: Kyra Schell
Assistant: Emily Brown
Assistant: Kevin Bonnell

Chair: Lorenzo Penna
Assistant: Trent Dowell
Assistant: Elizabeth Hasson

Chair: Kiera Quinn
Assistant: Cara Nobile
Assistant: Andrew Ceonzo
Assistant: Padraig Slattery

Healthy Athletes
Chair: Nicole Tracy
Assistant: Meg Burke
Assistant: Addison Drone

Director of Support Services

Name: Gerard Catalfamo
Majors: Civil and Environmental Engineering with a Business Minor
Hometown: Belleville, New Jersey
Previous Position: Butler County LPH, Powerlifting Assistant, Transportation Chair
Favorite SpO Sport: Powerlifting
Other Campus Involvement:

Chair: Trevor Case
Assistant: Erin Fabian
Assistant: Jared Brewer
Assistant: Ryan Dell

Chair: Brandon McNabb
Assistant: David Izzo
Assistant: Rachel Goodreau
Assistant: Jennie Meagher

Chair: Caroline Connelly
Assistant: Austin Laudadio
Assistant: Olivia Keogh

Chair: Dan Visone
Assistant: Mike Wolff
Assistant: Julia Weicht

Chair: Adam Prager
Assistant: Paige Kenyon
Assistant: Connor Hayes