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NovaQuizzo is open for discussing sponsorship with approved outside vendors who want to promote their venue to the Villanova student community. If you are an approved vendor, you can reach out to us at or visit us in Dougherty 102.

Sponsorship: NovaQuizzo is a joint venture between the Office of Student Involvement and the office of First & Second Year Initiatives. The event consists of a night of trivia and late-night food and happens every Thursday at 9:30 PM in Cafe Nova (Dougherty Hall). Approved sponsors can sponsor a given night by providing food, beverages, or giveaways of their choice.

NovaQuizzo can provide a 5 minute time slot and the projector screen for the sponsoring venue to talk about what they brought for the night and promote their business to those in attendance. The event layout consists of seating with small tables for 4 people totaling a capacity of 250 students and a projector screen with a mic at the front of the venue. 

Please see pictures below:

NovaQuizzo Crowd
Peace Tea
Jules Sponsors
Jules Sponsors 2
NovaQuizzo Set Up
NovaQuizzo prize table
NovaQuizzo Crowd 2

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