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NovaQuizzo is the official Villanova university trivia night (quizzo) and a true recurring late-night event. Stop by every Thursday at 9:30 either online or at The Oreo and join dozens of other students in a night of trivia, free late-night snacks, and prizes!


  • Max. team size is 4 people. Doesn't mean you can't have more there but, if you win, only 4 will get prizes so split up!
  • 3 categories of questions 
  • You can double down once

We host NovaQuizzo every Thursday at 9:30 when school is in session. However, if you are in doubt, feel free to reach out to us through social media and ask! The event usually goes on from 9:30 ~ 11 PM and includes categories like: Villanova, current events, sports, music, music, history, tv shows, movies, etc.

NovaQuizzo Crowd
NovaQuizzo Jules
NovaQuizzo setup
NovaQuizzo prizes
NovaQuizzo winners

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