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Registering to Vote

Registering to Vote in PA

Villanova is separated into four districts that cover campus, depending on what residence hall you currently reside in.  If you registered to vote in PA previously, you likely need to update your vote registration form with your new residence hall information. 

Registering to vote in Pennsylvania can be done online or through mail in registration form. For a full list of PA Voter Registration options, visit the Votes PA website

Will D Cat's registration instructions!

Registering to vote in my home state

Many states have their own voter registration form. If your state has online voter registration, use that to make changes which is accessible through your state or local election website. This interactive state map contains state dates for upcoming elections and deadlines. 

Don't forget to learn about absentee and early voting as alternatives to voting on Election Day. Find out the rules for your state. There are many helpful resources, including for registering to vote outside of Pennsylvania.