VU 101

Best Places to Study:

  • The Exchange (Open 24 Hours)
  • Empty Classrooms
  • The Library
  • Presidents or Commuter Lounge in Connelly
  • The Spit
Professor & student

Places to hang out between classes:

  • The Oreo
  • The Connelly Center
  • The Campus Green
  • The Library
Pats Cheeseteak
Rocky Statue



Learn "villanovaese" !
Chat Like a Cat as soon as you arrive on campus!

Common words and phrases heard around campus. 

Belle-Aire The multi-level cafeteria in the Connelly Center or the name of the yearbook
Blue Book Villanova’s student handbook
Blue Key Volunteer organization that gives tours to prospective students
Camp Co Nickname for Campus Corner, a small restaurant slightly off campus (accepts Wildcard and delivers)
Campus Green Grass area, fountain and benches between Alumni Hall, Corr Hall and Falvey Memorial Library
CAT Campus Activities Team
Cheesesteak A Philly tradition - chopped steak served on a hoagie roll topped with melted cheese
Commuter Lounge The upper level of the Connelly Center where most students can be found studying or napping
Connelly Center Student center
Down the Shore New Jersey beaches
Fall Break A week in October, the opposite of Spring Break
Finals End of semester exams 
Grotto The spiritual gathering area between St. Rita’s and Alumni Halls
Hoagie Philly’s answer to the “grinder”, “sub” or “hero”
IHC Inter-Hall Council
KOP King of Prussia Mall
Main Line Suburban area outside Philadelphia where Villanova is located (Got its name from the "Main" Train line running from Philadelphia to Lancaster)
Minella’s 24-hour diner in Wayne
OC  Orientation Counselor
OSA Order of Saint Augustine
Oreo Nickname for Jay Dugan’s “The Awakening”, the large black and white statue in the middle of campus
Pat’s Another famous cheesesteak restaurant
Pit Dougherty Dining Hall
Quad Area between Sheehan and Sullivan Halls
RA Resident Assistant; your liaison to Residence Life
Reading Day A day before finals when no classes are held
SAC The Saint Augustine Center for Liberal Arts
SEPTA South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
SGA Student Government Association
Sheehan Beach Area between Sheehan Hall and Lancaster Avenue
South Campus Caughlin, Donahue, Good Counsel, McGuire, Katharine, St. Monica’s, and Stanford Halls
Southwest Corner Simpson, O’Dwyer and Delurey Halls
SPO Special Olympics
Spit Donahue Campus Dining Hall (South Pit, get it?)
Sparket The South Pit Market (get it?)
The Villanovan School Newspaper
West Campus Klekotka, Moulden, Rudolph, Welsh, Gallen, Farley, Jackson, St. Clare and St. Mary’s Halls
Wildcard A multi-purpose card which serves as your student ID, meal plan, debit and library cards (and with much more); don’t leave home without it.
Wildcat Path The walking path from South Campus to the church traffic light on Lancaster Avenue

Villanova Alma Mater

When the twilight shadows gather

Out upon the campus green,

When the blue and purple night

Comes stealing on the scene

Loyal heirs of Villanova

Sing a hymn of praise

To our dear old Alma Mater

And our college days.


Villanova, Villanova

When we leave your shelt’ring walls,

We shall leave and echo ringing

Through your treasured halls

We will leave an echo ringing

In the silent night

While our memories are singing

Of the blue and white.


When the last big game is over

And the last roll call is heard

When the oldest pedagogue

Has had his final word

We shall come to Alma Mater

In our dreams again

With a prayer for Villanova

And a sweet amen.

Villanova Fight Song

“V” for Villanova

“V” for Victory

“B” for Blue and “W” for White

For the Blue and the White we will fight!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Fight for Villanova! Fight for Victory

For we’re out to win the fray

Villanova leads the way

With a capital “V” for Victory!



“V” for Vic-to-ry! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y

It’s a tooth for a tooth, and an eye for an eye

And a “V” for V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!!


“V” for Villanova

“V” for Victory

“B” for Blue and “W” for White

For the Blue and the White we will fight!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Fight for Villanova! Fight for Victory!

For we’re out to beat the foe,

Show the en-e-my we know

How to win with a “V” for Victory

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Alicia Dunphy-Culp
Director of First and Second Year Initiatives

Lael Hoegen
Assistant Director of First and Second Year Initiatives