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How do I know if Villanova has received all of my required documents?

You can find a Checklist of items that needed to be submitted to Villanova in Freshmen 2017.  To access Freshmen 2017 on the web go to myNova.  Helpful Hint:  Print the Checklist before you begin!

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What information will I receive in the mail from the Orientation office over the summer?

The Office of First and Second Year Initiatives will send the following booklets/newsletters to all new students:  weekly summer emails, distributed all summer, which has a basic overview of the 4-day Orientation program, as well as information from Residence Life, Dining Services, the Wildcard Office, Learning Communities, and general University information; and the August Brochure, with detailed information about Orientation, including Orientation Group Numbers and Designated Reporting Areas (where new students will meet with their Orientation Counselors). Orientation Group Numbers and Designated Reporting Areas can also be found in myNova in early August. If you do not receive the above mentioned publications, please contact the Orientation Office.

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What if we have difficulty getting our son/daughter's computer hooked up in their room?

While students are moving in the TechZone will provide assistance and instruction for getting students' computers connected.  You can call our Help Desk at (610) 519-7777 or check the TechZone website.

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Since we'll be in the Philadelphia area, what are some fun things to do?

The Parents website has a list of area hotels, restaurants and attractions.

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Is there shopping nearby for last minute items?

There will be a tent located on Main Campus with essential hall items. Also, Bed, Bath and Beyond, west on Lancaster Avenue in Radnor, carries many of the common items for residence hall living.  We also list many other area stores and malls, for your convenience.  

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Can you recommend some area restaurants?

The Parents website has a list of area restaurants with hyperlinks to many of the restaurants on the list.

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Who can help me register for my classes?

If you have any questions about AP credits, choosing your classes, or when you can register, please call the Dean's Office of your College:

  • College of Engineering - (610) 519-5860
  • College of Liberal Arts & Sciences - (610) 519-4600
  • College of Nursing - (610) 519-4900
  • School of Business - (610) 519-4330
  • Registrar's Office - (610) 519-4030

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When will I find out about my residence hall assignment & roommate?

New students will be able to access their residence hall and roommate information in myNova in late July. Questions about housing assignments should be directed to the Office of Residence Life - (610) 519-4154/4150.

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When do I receive my Orientation Group Assignment?

You will receive your Orientation Group information in our brochure mailed to your home in August. Your group number and designated reporting area will also be listed in myNova.

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Where can I find out about Meal Plans and how do I register for one?

Information about Meal Plans and links to the contact and registration page can be found on the Dining Services website. New students must register for a meal plan through myNova before mid-June. Questions can be directed to the Dining Services Office - (610) 519-4170.

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Alicia Dunphy-Culp
Director of First and Second Year Initiatives

Lael Hoegen
Assistant Director of First and Second Year Initiatives