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Looking to Connect?

Have a question about campus resources?   Want to talk to a junior or senior in your major?  Not sure how to get involved? Not feeling connected?  We are here to help you have a successful experience at Villanova and to encourage you to continue being a happy and engaged member of our community beyond freshman year. Typical concerns are:

  • getting involved on campus
  • declaring a major and future career path
  • the evolution of friendships and your social circle
  • time management
  • connecting with other students with similar interests

Please fill out this form and we will reach out with a peer resource’s contact information.  They will meet up with you over coffee, or lunch and talk with you about your experience and be helpful in finding ways to connect on campus and suggest other options for your individual situation.  

Some common issues are not feeling connected, missing home, handling academic workload, navigating new social situations and roommate conflicts. Please use the box below to let us know how you are feeling, what concerns you might have and how we can help!