Tour Payments

Please complete this form to make a tour payment.

NOTE: The current default amount in the Touchnet payment window is $300 (the amount of the Sept, Oct, Nov installments). If you would like to pay a different amount, you can type over that number.

Reminder of the Payment Schedule:

  • Deposit already paid by most students:   $200
  • By 9/18:  $300
  • By 10/15:  $300
  • By 11/15:  $300
  • By 12/15:  about $286 (exact price could go up or down by $25 or so based on the number of travelers)

Register with the Tour Company:

  1. Copy this Tour Code – NOVAMAR2018
  2. Navigate your browser to the TRC Website 
  3. Click on Register at the top of the page and select Performance Tours.
  4. Enter your Tour Code. Paste – NOVAMAR2018 in the field.              NOTE: The field is case sensitive. Make sure your CAPS LOCK is on if entering the code manually.
  5. Fill out the fields of the online Registration Form, then click “Send”. 

If you have any questions about filling out the form, please contact Karalin Alsdurf at