Cake Orders - Band Fund Raiser

What better way to brighten someone's day than freshly made baked goods from a local bakery! The Villanova Band continues its cake fundraiser as a wonderful way to send delicious surprises to your son or daughter while he/she is away at college. You choose the occasion to send a treat - a birthday, a holiday, or even just a way to show that you're thinking about them - and we deliver right to your son or daughter’s dorm room!

We offer a wide variety of options so that your son/daughter will get exactly the kind of treat he/she likes. All cakes are 7 inches in diameter, and cupcakes come with sprinkles. We offer the following:

  • Birthday Cake (vanilla OR chocolate cake, now offering more icing options)
  • Cupcakes (chocolate or vanilla)
  • Valentine’s Day Cake
  • St. Patrick’s Day Cake
  • Halloween Cake
  • Christmas Cookies (1 pound of assorted, freshly baked cookies)
image showing sample cakes

We deliver the Tuesday evening before the actual birthday - the last Spring Semester Delivery date for cakes is Tuesday, 4/30. Summer birthdays can always be celebrated on the half birthdays or at the beginning or end of the school year. By filling out the “Birthday Message” box in the order form below, a personalized message will be passed along with the Birthday Cake (we recommend that you specify who the cake is from). Holiday cakes are delivered the Tuesday before the holiday.  

Please note: Cake/Cupcake/Cookies are delivered only to students residing on Villanova’s campus. We are unable to deliver to students who live at another college or off campus.

To ensure that your son or daughter receives his/her baked goods on time, please submit orders at least one week in advance.

* All fields are required.

Any time constraints for Tuesday evenings that we should be aware of (clubs, activities, etc.)?

There are two ways you can order!


Student will receive 1 - one layer birthday cake and all 4 holidays (Halloween, Valentine's and St Patrick's Day Cakes and Christmas Cookies). Note: All Holiday Cakes are one layer VANILLA CAKE  & ICING with this package.

YES - I would like to order OPTION 1 - $75 - includes one layer Birthday cake and all Holiday Cakes & cookies



OPTION 2 - Order Items Individually - Check off the individual items you wish to order, Pay per item. You now have a choice of a 1 layer or 2 layer Birthday Cake with Option 2! 

Check the Radio Buttons if you want optional choices, then select Flavors/Fillings from the pulldown menus!

Holiday Cakes - $15 each - 1 layer each