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Rehearsal, Practice, & Performance Spaces


Pianos & Practice Rooms

Pianos for student use are available in the following locations in St. Mary's Hall:

  • Suite of Practice Rooms - Room 22, Lower Level (visit Music Activities Offices / Student Performing Arts for the door code)
    • There is on baby grand for use by 'serious' pianists in Room F
    • Most rooms have drumsets that may be used between 4:30-10pm.
  • St. Mary's Lobby - 1st Floor
  • St. Mary's Mail Room Lobby/Pool Hall (under 2nd Storey)
  • St. Mary's Theatre - Lower Level
  • Band Room - Lower Level
  • Dance Studio - Lower Level
  • Rooms 14, 16, 19, & 20.   (all classrooms have new Yamaha upright pianos)
  • Room 163A

And in other locations on Campus:

  • Connelly Center:  Cyber Lounge
  • Connelly Center:  Villanova Room (by special arrangement only)
  • Falvey:  Basement Classroom
  • Garey:  Alumni 'Fireplace' Room


The suite of Practice Rooms, St. Mary's Room 22, is equipped with Drumsets that may be used 4:30pm-10:30pm.  Drumsets may also be available in the Jazz Band Room or Band Room if those are not reserved for regular rehearsals.


Some of the above locations are also classrooms or group rehearsal spaces. Access to pianos is only available when the room is free and not being used for class or other planned group activities. Otherwise, pianos are available on a first-come-first-served basis.  If a room is locked, the key may be available from Music Activities / Student Performing Arts during most business hours. 

Additional pianos and locations throughout the campus are being planned.


To reserve a room, check availibility on the Master Calendar.   Reservation instructors are there as well!