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Information Packet

2019 marks the 7th Annual Intercollegiate Irish Dance Competition at Villanova University. It is hosted by Villanova University’s Irish Dance Team and will be held in Jake Nevin Field House this year! Although it is not a CLRG event, this competition is being held with the approval and acknowledgement of IDTANA and CLRG. No dancers are at risk of suspension from competition for participating in this event. All dancers must be certified CLRG Dancers or dancers with no affiliation to any region (dancers from other commissions who are no longer competing are considered unaffiliated).



Location:  Jake Nevin Field House
               Lancaster & Ithan Aves.
               Villanova, PA, 19085

Date:         November 16th, 2019

Events:      4 Hand
                 8 Hand
                 Intermediate Freshmen Treble Reel
                 Intermediate Sophomores Treble Reel
                 Intermediate Juniors Treble Reel
                 Intermediate Seniors Treble Reel
                 Advanced Freshmen Treble Reel
                 Advanced Sophomores Treble Reel
                 Advanced Juniors Treble Reel
                 Advanced Seniors Treble Reel

Times:       Lineup            9:15am (side stage)
                 Competition    9:30am (doors open at 8:30am)
                 Awards           3:00pm
                 Grand Show   4:30pm (doors open at 4:00pm)


Irish Dance Festival Logo
  • 4 Hand: The options are Four Hand Reel, Humors of Bandon, or Haste to the Wedding. Must include the body and a choice of figure for each one of the dances. Top couple will be on the left hand side of the judges. Teams will dance two at a time on stage. If there are an odd number of entries, one team will dance by themselves.  There is no limit on the amount of teams you can enter this competition.  Dancers can only be entered on one team for this competition.
  • 8 Hand: Teams will dance one at a time on stage and can do any 8 hand of choice. Team must do the body and a choice of figure. Top couple will have their back to the judges. There is no limit on the amount of teams you can enter.  Dancers can only be entered on one team for this competition.
  • Treble Reel Competition: This will follow the style of the charity treble reel competitions. Dancers will do the universal treble reel step, and then proceed with step down the line with a step of the dancer’s choice.  (Universal Step- Slam treble and a treble and a treble and a back, slam treble and a treble and a treble and a back, slam treble and a back, slam treble and a back, slam treble and a treble and a treble and a back).  There will be an Advanced Treble Reel and an Intermediate Treble Reel.  More information is in the entry file.  There is no limit on the number of participants in the competition.
  • Large Group/Fun Number: The fun number is a competition created specifically for university Irish Dance Clubs. Many teams do group numbers at on campus events, such as sporting events.This competition is a showcase of these performances. Teams must provide their own music for their number. It can be any adaptation of a professional dance company (Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, etc.) or any self-created number. Likewise, music can also be from any of these professional companies. Any modern music must be appropriate, no expletives are allowed.  Creative costumes are allowed for this competition.  1 fun number per team. This number must be no longer than 5 minutes.


There will be three judges for each competition. Judges will be certified ADCRG, and thus judging with CLRG standards. For the fun number, the judging will be based off of group synchronization, execution of dancing, creativity in the piece, and the judges enjoyment of the piece (it is called the “fun” number).


All music will be prerecorded, meaning there will be no live musicians.  Music should be provided for the fun number. We will supply the music for the treble reel, 4-hand, and 8-hand competition.  Music should be sent to as an mp3 file by November 1st. Please label with school name and what the music is for (ie. Villanova Fun Number).


Registration will be open from October 1, 2019  until October 18, 2019.   The entry fee is $10 per participant.   For example, if you are bringing 12 dancers, the fee will be $120. It includes all events. Payment must be made online when registering.   Registration closes at midnight on 10/18/19.

Competition Form

The completed "Intercollegiate Entry Form" form linked below, with all details, must be sent to Villanova in an email to by October 18th. The form is self-explanatory.

* Intercollegiate Entry Form.xlsx
Intercollegiate Entry Form


We will be providing at least one meal for each participant.  Any dietary issues must be sent to by October 18, 2019. Meal information will be coming soon.

Team Biography & Photo

Please submit a team biography (100-150 words) for inclusion in the printed program. Additionally, please submit team photographs and team logos. A team photograph is preferred, if not a photograph that well represents your team. A logo can be the school logo or a logo specific to your team. Submit via email to by October 18th.


Teams are encouraged to bring a team/school flag or banner to hang from the upper level railing of the gymnasium for the day of the festival.


Due to travel expenses, teams often look for personal sponsorship. Any sponsors can be listed in the program on the team page. The sponsor information, including any artwork that the sponsor wishes to include, must be emailed to by October 18th.

Grand Irish Intercollegiate Showcase

On Saturday night, following the competition, there will be a showcase event featuring the top teams and dancers from the 4-hand, 8-hand, and Treble Reel competition. All teams are requested to perform their large group number. The event will be open to the general public.  

Arrival/ Hotels

We will speak with local hotels seeking favorable rates for those teams needing accommodations.  If traveling by train, teams can arrive directly on Villanova’s campus. For teams traveling far distances, we believe it is best to arrive Friday night and leave Sunday Morning, meaning that hotels will need to be booked for Friday and Saturday night. Hotel information will be sent by email once available.  If you have any questions regarding transportation and travel, please email us.   We are happy to help!

Contact Information

All questions, comments, and entries can be sent to   


􀀀 Registration and Entry Fee by October 18th

􀀀 Competition Form by October 18th

􀀀 Team Pictures & Biography by October 18th

􀀀 Dietary Needs by October 18th

􀀀 Sponsor Information by October 18th

􀀀 Music by November 8th