Villanova Chamber Ensembles

Villanova University Chamber Ensembles & Orchestra, along with the Office of Music Activities, offers Villanova students the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while performing orchestral compositions (which include classical and non-classical). Along with other music activities at Villanova, the Villanova University Orchestra is beneficial for students who desire to pursue music as an extracurricular activity.  This program is designed specifically for musicians who want to continue playing orchestral instruments, and would like flexibility in their time commitment, since we are aware of academic and other related responsibilities.  If you play or have played an orchestral instrument and wish to continue playing, sign up today and come visit us on Mondays 7:30-9pm and Thursdays from 6-7pm in St. Mary's Hall Chapel.

For more information, contact chamber advisor, Ben Godwin.


The Villanova Orchestra

The Villanova Orchestra plays Themes from Apollo 13 as part of Daniel Pearl World Music Days.