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Music Activities Forms

Music Activities Guide

* MusicActivitiesGuideF19.docx
Music Activities Guide - Info about operating procedures, forms, how-tos, and other info for group leaders.

Financial & Payroll Forms

* FinancialCheatSheet.pdf
Financial Cheat Sheet - Instructions on Forms, Deposits, and Reimbursements
* Part Time timesheet.pdf
Part-Time Professional Monthly Time Log - Submit to Beth Sokolowski
* DepositForm.pdf
Deposit Form - Submit to Ben Godwin
* ReimbursementFormOver100.pdf
Reimbursement Form for amounts OVER $100 - Return this to your Advisor
* ReimbursementFormUnder100.pdf
Petty Cash Reimbursement Form for amounts under $100 - Return this to your Advisor
* MusicActivitiesPartTimeStaffTimesheet.pdf
Part-Time Staff Time Sheet

Formal Planning


* Publicity Form for Music Activities Performances.docx
Publicity Form - fill out and return to your advisor


* Vehicle Reservations.docx
Van/Vehicle Requests - Word Doc contains all fields needed to request a vehicle
* SchoolBusRequestForm.pdf
Sague - Music Activities School Bus Request Form
* GroupTravel.pdf
Group Travel form for any trip over 2 hours in length - submit to group advisor
* Trip Planning Timeline.docx
Planning a trip? Follow this timeline for effective planning of your group's efforts!

Group Documents

* VST Director applicationAM.docx
Director Application for VST.