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Courses in Music & The Arts

The Office of Music Activities / Student Performing Arts is a non-academic office, under the Division of Student Life.    

Villanova offers a number of courses on the study of music and other arts through Academic Departments such as Theatre, Communications, English, and others, many of which can cover core requirements.  

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Courses in Music

The following classes are currently offered on a rotating basis.  If you are interested in taking a particular course that is not offered regularly, you should let the department know of your interest.

  • SAR 2113: The Charm of Music
  • SAR 2114: Words and Music: The Art of Song
  • SAR 2115: Orchestral Music
  • SAR 2118: The Broadway Musical
  • SAR 2119: Jazz: America's Music
  • SAR 3030: Special Topics in Music (S21 - The Beatles: Song by Song)
  • THE 2034: Musical Theatre
  • COM 3242: African American Performance
  • COM 3243: Performance Art
  • COM 3354: Media Criticism
  • CSC 1043: The Laptop Instrument (Programming & Music Theory)
  • ECE 3230: Signals Lab
  • ENG 2043: Writing about US Pop Culture
  • FFS 3285: French Popular Music, 1950-Present
  • HON 5410: Guitar Class
  • HON 5410: Piano Class
  • HON 5435: Music Theory
  • ITA 2225: Italian Music
  • MSE 2602: Physics: 40% Solution: Light/Sound
  • PHI 4140: Philosophy of Contemporary Music
  • SAR 2009: Sounds of Slavic Spirit

Courses in other Arts Disciplines

The following classes are currently offered on a rotating basis.  If you are interested in taking a particular course that is not offered regularly, you should let the department know of your interest.

  • ACS 1000/1001: Ancients/Moderns (Arts and Culture Learning Community)
  • CSC 1045: Algor, Cartoons, & Animation
  • ENG 3616: Irish American Drama & Film
  • HON 5300: Learning the Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • HON 5400: Dance
  • HON 5400: Mindfulness Meditation
  • HON 5440: Poetry
  • HON 5460: Drawing
  • HON 5460: Painting with Acrylics
  • HON 5460: Painting with Watercolors
  • HON 5460: Photography
  • HUM 2500: History: Imperialism & Humanities
  • SAR 2010: Intro to Calligraphy
  • SAR 2020: Basic Watercolor Techniques
  • SAR 2150: Intermediate Watercolor
  • SAR 2021: Basic Drawing Techniques
  • SAR 2151: Intermediate Drawing
  • SAR 2022: Basic Oil Painting
  • SAR 2023: Basic Acrylic Painting
  • SPA 3764: Drama of Golden Age Spain
  • SPA 3944: Hispanic Pop Culture
  • THE 2019: The Theatrical Experience
  • THE 2021: Theatre in Philadelphia
  • THE 2025: Improvisational Theatre
  • THE 2029: Fundimental Principles of Acting
  • THE 2030: Advanced Principles of Acting
  • THE 2032: Elements of Dance
  • THE 2033: Advanced Elements of Dance
  • THE 2051: Creativity
  • THE 3006: Shakespeare on Stage
  • THE 3007: Playwriting
  • THE 3008: Theatre of the African Diaspora
  • THE 3010: Mindfulness in Action
  • THE 3011: Asian Theatre
  • THE 4011: Directing the Play
  • THE 4014: Women and Theatre

Art & Culture Learning Community

Attention Incoming Students!   Whether you are a performer, an artist, or a lover of the arts, the Art and Culture Learning Community will help you develop a sense of  citizenship and personal responsibility with a special focus on art, music, performance, and imaginative interpretation.  

  • Elect to take The Augustine and Culture Seminar (ACS, a class all freshmen take) with students with a common interest in the Arts.
  • Live together in a freshman hall, usually on south campus
  • Choose to sign up for the Arts THEME, which will be explored in a one-credit discussion class that meets in the residence hall each week
  • Experience
    • close community in the residence hall
    • engaged classroom discussions in ACS
    • deep friendships and a feeling of community
    • skill development and informed discussion on the theme of your community
  • Applications for the Art & Culture Learning Community will be available on May 1 in conjunction with the University Housing Contract available at
  • Note that students interested in Music Activities / Student Performing Arts Groups or the Arts on campus are not required to sign up for the Art & Culture Learning Community, but we encourage you to explore this option.

Contact Us

Office of Music Activities / Student Performing Arts
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Ave
Villanova, PA 19085
Phone: (610) 519-7214
Fax: (610) 519-7596
E-mail:  Visit our staff page.

A Cappella Palooza 2021 - click for the ticket website
Dance Palooza 2021 - click for more information

Rehearsals - 2021

Join one of our performing groups! Fill out the Signup Form!

Music Activities / Student Performing Arts has returned to in-person rehearsals in the Spring Semester.   We are limiting the numbers of students who attend each session, but we can include you! Fill out our group interest form to join or contact the directors in each area.

Instrumental - Contact

Rehearsal locations include the St. Mary's Chapel & Band Room

  • Band - M/Tu 7-8:30; F 3-4:30
  • Jazz Band - W 7:30-9pm
  • Chamber Strings - M/W, 6-7:30pm

Choral - Contact

Location:  Music Activities / Student Performing Arts Tent, St. Mary's Theatre, Band Room, & Dance Studio 

  • Villanova Voices - MW 5:30-7:00; Fri 2-3:30pm
  • Villanova Singers - Th 5:30-7 & Sun 12:45-2:15
  • A Cappella - 8 groups by audition, next round of auditions will be early fall semester

Dance - Contact

Rehearsals take place in the Music Activities / Student Performing Arts Tent, St. Mary's Chapel, & Jake Nevin Fieldhouse.

  • Dance Company - M 8:45-10:15pm; Sun 7-8:30pm
  • Dance Ensemble - Tu 5-6:30pm
  • 'Nova Nassa - W 7:30-9pm; Sun 8-9:30pm
  • Ablaze - Th 5-6:30pm; Sun 4-5:30pm
  • Irish Dance - M 5-6:30pm; W 5:30-7pm
  • Nova Noise (tap) - Thurs 6:45-8:15pm; Sun 6-7:30pm
  • Wazobia - Sun 6-7:30pm; Wed  6:30-8pm
  • Superlative - Tu/Th 9-10:30pm
  • Dance Team - Tu/Th 6-7:30pm
  • Twirlers - Th 8:30-10pm; Sui 10:15-11:45am

Villanova Music Downloads

* vualmamater.pdf
VU Alma Mater Sheet Music
* alma_mater_band.mp3
VU Alma Mater Played by VU Band
* vufightsong.pdf
VU Fight Song Sheet Music
* alma_mater_singers.mp3
VU Alma Mater Sung by VU Singers
* fight_song.mp3
VU Fight Song Performed by VU Band