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Villanova Indian Students Association

The Indian Students Association at Villanova, VISA is one of the largest and the most active student organizations on campus. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for Indian students to interact and share the joy of their culture and heritage, and to help new students coming from India. VISA serves to promote the awareness of cultural diversity on campus by organizing cultural and social events. We are a group of enthusiastic people who love to bring the multifaceted and dynamic face of India (both modern and its rich cultural heritage) to Villanova and thereby make it a more interesting place to be!

We are not just a club, but a community that you can be a part of. We always encourage you to walk through the links and know more about us. We hope you will find the experience as a member of our association worthwhile and fulfilling.


  • Airport Pickup Request Form for New Students.
  • Contact VISA Committee.





VISA welcomes our new SPRING 2019 students!!!!