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Graduate Student Organizations

Center of Campus

Student Involvement Fair
Graduate Activities

Saturday, September 5, 2020 at 11:00am via Zoom

Succeeding in the classroom is your number one priority, to get the most out of your graduate school experience, choose to get involved with one or more activities outside of the classroom. Learn more about Graduate Student Organizations on campus on Saturday, September 5 at 11:00am via Zoom. 

Registration for the Involvement Days will start the week of August 24, 2020


Parking Students who commute to Villanova have parking privileges regardless of class year. Students must purchase a parking permit from the Parking Office located in Garey Hall, along County Line Road, or by going to MyNova, and search parking registration which will re-route to the parking portal. The Parking permit will be a sticker decal. Permits are active for daytime and evening classes only. The cost of student parking for one year is $100. For additional questions, call 610-519-6989, email the Parking Office, or visit the Parking website.

SEPTA Information

Villanova is very fortunate to have two SEPTA rail services on campus. This makes travel up and down the Main Line and into Philadelphia very accessible for all Villanovans. The SEPTA Key is an accessible payment method for regional rail, high speed, or bus fares. For more information visit the SEPTA website.

To get to campus:

  • Via Regional Rail: Take SEPTA’s Regional Rail Line, the Paoli/Thorndale line (Paoli Local) to Villanova Station—directly on campus.
  • Via Norristown High Speed Line (R100): SEPTA’s Norristown High Speed Line travels between Norristown and 69th Street Terminal. You may get on or off the High Speed Line at the Villanova station (across from the Villanova Church) or at the Stadium (on Ithan Ave).
  • Via SEPTA Bus Route 106: SEPTA’s Route 106 Bus travels between Ardmore and Paoli to the 69th Street Transportation Center. Villanova University stop is at the corner of Lancaster Ave and Ithan Ave, Lancaster Ave and St. Thomas Way, and Lancaster Ave and Spring Mill Road.


Villanova uses two systems to help students navigate both their access to information and to their academic classes. MyNova is the portal through which students:

  • See their class schedules | classroom assignments
  • Update personal information with Villanova
  • Check midterm and final grades
  • Drop and add classes during the drop/add period
  • Register for classes during pre-registration
  • And many more things!


BlackBoard is the classroom management system. It is an e-learning tool. Many faculty, though not all, use BlackBoard to post:

  • Syllabus for the course
  • Assignments and/or readings
  • Other course related work
  • Grades

If your professor is using BlackBoard for a course, then you too will likely be asked to post any assigned written homework on BlackBoard as well.

Learning Support

As a graduate student, your primary goal is to succeed academically. Some students find the transition to graduate school academic work fairly seamless, having good study habits and a strong educational foundation from college. Villanova has several academic support systems in place to help if needed. But, the critical thing is to ask for help. Be an engaged and active learner, and if you are not doing as well in your classes as you wish, then reach out for assistance. Here are some campus academic resources:

Learning Support Center 212 Falvey Library

  • Writing Center 210 Falvey Library 610-519-4604
  • Math Resource Center 204 Falvey Library 610-519-6572

You may also choose to consult with:

  • Your academic advisor or program director
  • Professor(s) during office hours or by appointment

Places to study on campus

  • Connelly Center
  • Bartley Exchange and Holy Grounds
  • Falvey Library Open spaces on first and second floors as well as the  Falvey Reading Room in Old Falvey

Dining Services offers several meal plans including two designed for commuters: Commuter Plan (one meal per day & $80 in points to be used anywhere on campus at any time) and Commuter Plan Plus (one meal per day & $455 in points to be used anywhere on campus at any time).

Contact Dining Services for more information. The Dining Services Meal Plan Office is located in 106 Dougherty Hall 610-519-7682.

Public Safety

Public Safety (24/7) is comprised of both public safety officers as well as police officers. Regardless of an officer’s role, everyone is working toward the same goal of keeping Villanova and our students safe. While Villanova is located in a relatively safe area, it is important to be alert when walking on campus and to keep your personal items secure. Should you want an escort on campus, that is, someone to walk with you, call Public Safety. Similarly, should you witness suspicious behavior or a crime, call the emergency number immediately. Note that when you are on campus, the numbers to call are :

  • Public Safety Emergency | 610 -519 -4444
  • Public Safety Non -Emergency | 610 -519 -6979

Throughout campus you will also see Blue Emergency Call Boxes. Just pulling the phone off the hook will alert Public Safety to your need for help and your location. Public Safety also engages in foot and bike patrols throughout campus. When you are off campus, of course, call 911 for an emergency.

Student Health Center

As a student you are also eligible to use the Student Health Center, located on the top floor of the Health Services Building, located across from the main entrance to campus. The Student Health Center is staffed by registered nurses 24/7 when classes are in session. The Health Center also offers medical appointments on weekdays with physicians and nurse practitioners. Call 610 -519 -4070 to make an appointment. Along with taking care of your physical health it is important to care for your mental health as a college student as well.

University Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center offers counseling on a short term basis to students. The services at the Counseling Center are voluntary, free, and confidential. To make an appointment, call 610 -519 -4050 Monday through Friday during normal business hours, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

While succeeding in the classroom is your number one priority, to get the most out of your graduate school experience, choose to get involved with one or more activities outside of the classroom. It is through student involvement that you will both make friends as well as develop interests and skills. Villanova offers over 200 student organizations in a wide range of areas. If you aren’t sure how to take those first steps, contact the Graduate Student Council as a place to start.


Office of Student Involvement
JJ Brown, Director
102 Dougherty Hall