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Wildcat Community

Wildcat Community encompasses the organizations involvement with the greater Villanova community. Organization’s should maintain involvement with all three councils within the Greek community and encourage members to expand participation to other avenues on campus.

Questions to consider:

  • How does your organization interact within your Council?

  • Do you have representation on the Council Executive Council or members who ran for positions?

  • How do you support larger council initiatives?

  • How does your organization interact and support the Inter-Greek Council (IGC)?

  • How do your organization interact with the other councils within the fraternity and sorority life community?

  • Do you partner with another fraternity or sorority to sponsor programming?

  • How does your organization interact with the larger Villanova community?

  • Is there an expectation for campus involvement with your members?

  • Does your organization collaborate with non-Greek organizations or departments?

  • What does community mean to the members of your organization?

  • What does Greek unity mean to your chapter members?