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Scholarship and Academic Development

Scholarship and academic development details the academic and scholastic achievements of the organization. There should be set expectations for GPA requirements and scholarship plans that help struggling members improve academically and recognizes well-performing members. Further, fraternities and sororities should be a platform for learning outside of the classroom.

Questions to consider:

  • Does the organization have a person appointed or elected as the academic chair?

  • Does the organization have a staff/faculty advisor?

  • Does the organization have academic (GPA) requirements for its members and chapter leadership?

  • Is there an academic or scholarship program for the organization?

  • How does this program help members who are struggling academically?

  • How does this program reward and continue to incentivize members who are performing well?

  • How does the organization connect its membership to academic resources and opportunities?

  • How does the chapter engage its members in opportunities to continue to learn outside of the classroom?

  • How does your organization ensure your new members have academic success?

  • How does your organization use your faculty/staff advisor as a resource?