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Membership Development

Membership development includes new member education, continual development after initiation/crossing, leadership development, transitional leadership and programming efforts with alumni. Organization’s should be a foundation for personal growth and foster lifelong belonging.

Questions to consider:

  • How does your organization develop it new members?

  • How does the chapter provide leadership opportunities to new members?

  • How does the chapter continue to develop its members after Crossing/Initiation?

  • What internal developmental programming does the organization offer its membership?

  • How does the chapter ensure all chapter members are engaged in the process of goal setting and making decisions for the everyday actions of the organization?

  • Does your organization sponsor an annual retreat?

  • How does your organization support leadership development programming on campus?

  • Does the organization participate in any larger programming sponsored by the regional or inter/national headquarters?

  • How does the organization ensure successful transitions between leadership?

  • How does the organization instill lifelong membership into its members?

  • How does the chapter build relationships with alumni in a meaningful way?