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Evaluation and Scoring

Once the final report completed and submitted, it will be reviewed by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life professional staff and shared with the committee members sitting on the chapter panel of evaluation. Both the final report and the presentation will be evaluated by a group of approximately five panel evaluators. This panel will include diverse representation from the Division of Student Life, Academic Affairs, alumni volunteers, on-campus advisors, council executive board, and unaffiliated undergraduate students. The diverse panel is to allow for a variety of perspective and feedback provided to the organizations.

The evaluators will provide chapters with a score from zero to four in the categories of:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Wildcat Community
  • Scholarship and Academic Development
  • Membership Development
  • Chapter Management. 

Each category will be evaluated separately.

Zero Unaccredited or unrecognized organization. If an organization fails to participate, it will receive a zero and lose campus recognition.
One Poor Standing An organization receiving one star will have to develop a chapter improvement plan. If an organization receives one star for two consecutive years, they will be suspended and lose campus recognition.
Two Accredited The organization is recognized and maintains the basic benefits of a student organization.
Three Performing The organization is meeting most expectations and exceeding in some.
Four Excelling The organization is overall excelling and exceeding expectation.

Along with the Values in Action Star rating each year, the evaluators will provide feedback that recognizes the strengths of the organization as well as opportunities for improvement. This feedback will allow the organization to gain an understanding of how their organization is perceived and develop plans and goals for continued growth. Scores and feedback will be provided to organizations by July 15 of each year.