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Civic Engagement

Civic engagement details community service and philanthropic efforts and initiatives of organizations and examines how the organization addresses issues of local and national concern. Organizations should participate in direct service, raise money for philanthropy as well as be a platform for tackling pressing issues that may arise in the Villanova community and the surrounding area.

Questions to consider:

  • How does your organization participate in community service?

  • How does your organization participate in philanthropy?

  • Does your organization have set expectations for community service and philanthropy involvement for your members?

  • How does your organization show it is a positive organization within the Villanova community?

  • How does your chapter establish a positive relationship with the campus and community?

  • How does your organization utilize service and philanthropy events as a chapter learning opportunity?

  • How does your organization instill community service and philanthropy as an important element in your organization?

  • How does your organization remain current with local and national initiatives relevant to your organization?