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Chapter Management

Chapter management is inclusive of all required programs, events and deadlines sponsored by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. These requirements are meant to support the chapters, develop Fraternity and Sorority Life presidents and members who hold leadership roles, and foster collaborative interactions within the Greek community. For an organization to maintain recognition at Villanova University, the chapter must not only participate in the Values in Action Accreditation Program but also adhere to the below standards. These standards must be attained and upheld for a recognized organization to remain in good standing with the university.

Excel Chapter Roster
  1. Must be submitted by August 31st and December 14th.
  2. Must be submitted by January 18th and May 3rd.

Post Recruitment Paperwork

  1. All new members must complete new member paperwork (grade release, hazing form and MRABA- Panhellenic only)
  1. Each chapter must have an alumni advisor and a faculty/staff advisor. The advisor names and contact information should be shared with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, and listed on the excel chapter roster.

Leadership Retreat

  1. The current chapter president must be present each semester.
  2. Council e-board members must be present every semester.
  3. Must be present on September 8th.
  4. Must be present on February 23-24th.
Chapter On-on-One Meetings (1:1)
  1. Chapter presidents should attend a monthly one-on-one meeting with the Fraternity and Sorority Life staff to update them on programs, initiatives, and progress with the Values in Action Program.
Inter-Greek Council Meetings
  1. Attendance by a selected representative or chapter president at meetings is required.
    • September 24th
    • November 13th
    • February 12th
    • March 18th


  1. Chapter GPA must meet the required Regional or (Inter) national Organization standard and be no lower than council standards.
  2. Potential New Member GPA to begin new member process must meet your Regional or Inter(national) organization and be no lower than council standards.
President’s Roundtable
  1. Chapter Presidents and Council Presidents are required to attend two times a semester.
    • October 9th
    • December 5th
    • January 15th
    • April 25th
OFSL Annual Programming
  1. Chapter support and participation in OFSL annual events are important, and essential to build community and support Villanova Fraternity and Sorority Life.
    • OFSL Community Halloween Party- October 29th
    • OFSL Community Easter Egg Hunt- April 14th
Bystander Intervention
  1. All new members in recognized fraternities and sororities are required to attend a bystander intervention training supported by the Office of Health Promotion.
    • November 30th (Fall)
    • Chapter specific (Spring)
  1. All chapter new member processes and initiations must be completed in one semester, unless otherwise noted by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.
    • November 11th (IFC Council)
    • December 13th (Panhellenic and MGC Council)
    • May 2nd (Panhellenic, IFC, and MGC Council)
Service and Philanthropy Forms
  1. Each semester, chapters are asked to report chapter service and philanthropy hours by using the form provided by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.
    • Due December 14th
    • Due May 3rd
Chapter Leadership Training
  1. Chapters are asked to send their respective officers to attend training sessions held by OFSL for position specific information.
    • January 25th
      • Communication/PR Chair Training
      • Treasurer Training
    • January 28th
      • Risk/Social Chair Training
    • January 30th
      • Philanthropy Chair Training
  1. The Values in Action Accreditation Program will be used in determining continued recognition. Receiving a “Zero Star” rating will result in immediate loss of recognition. Receiving two “One Star” ratings in a consecutive year frame will also result in loss of recognition.