Standards of Excellence Program

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The Fraternity and Sorority Life Standards of Excellence Program aims to guide chapters - and the broader Fraternity and Sorority Life community - to achieve excellence in the key areas of Accountability, Community Engagement, General Operations, Inclusivity, and Sustainability. This program provides the foundation, structure, and support to help chapters achieve their goals and collectively develop an exemplary Fraternity and Sorority Life community.

Developed with the current community and state of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs in mind, this program exists to challenge students, chapters, and councils to achieve success based on their own merit and in comparison to no other organization(s) but their own. At its very core, this program outlines minimum expectations and reasonable standards to be met by each chapter to ensure the FSL community maintains - and exceeds - the expectations of Villanova University in regard to Greek-letter organizations.

Ultimately, the Standards of Excellence Program exists to help fraternities and sororities achieve the Augustinian values and ideals Villanova University is built upon. The program is intended to serve as a catalyst for chapter improvement, success, recognition, and accountability. The program is malleable, and as chapters succeed or struggle, any and all work necessary will be done to help chapters - and the entire Fraternity and Sorority Life community - excel.

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