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Interfraternity Council Recruitment


IFC Fall Recruitment will take place from September 8th - September 16th. Registration for IFC Recruitment opens on August 23rd. Registration for Recruitment is now live. You can register for IFC Fall Recruitment here. PLEASE NOTE: First semester Freshmen are ineligible to participate in Fall Recruitment.


All potential new members:

  • must have a minimum cumulative 2.75 GPA.
  • must have completed at least one semester at Villanova University or another college or university (no less than 12 credit hours).
  • be in good disciplinary standing.



Please visit our Hazing Policay Site: Hazing, in any form, is strictly prohibited by Villanova University, the Interfraternity, Panhellenic, and Multicultural Greek Councils, and the local and inter/national offices of each recognized organization. New and active members should not tolerate such behavior, as it does not promote relationship-building and trust, and rather serves to break down morale and the notion of community upon which Villanova University was founded.


IFC Recruitment Dates  

September 8th: Meet & Greets

September 9th: No Recruitment Events

September 10th: Meet & Greets

September 11th: Round Robins

September 12th: Chapter Events

September 13th: Chapter Events

September 14th: Interview by Invitation

September 15th: Interview by Invitation

September 16th: Bid Day


Sarah Hernandez
Phone: 610.519.7282

Eric Goins
Assistant Director
Phone: 610.519.7285

Olivia Farkas
Phone: 610.519.4373

Marian Moran
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 610.519.7280

Jasmine Thornton
Graduate Assistant
Phone: 610.519.7280

VU Groups

Visit your student organization VU Groups page to start the approval process regarding meetings, membership engagement events, and events open to the University community. 


Tabling that student organizations regularly engage in, typically near the Connelly Center, the Riley Ellipse, Bartley Hall, and Dougherty Hall, is not permitted at this time during the Spring 2021 semester.