QU∑ST: Your Journey to Leadership Retreat Weekend

42 Sorority and Fraternity Panhellenic, IFC, and Multicultural Greek Council members and 7 staff leaders attended the inaugural retreat weekend, January 16-18th 2016. This program was created to help bring our fraternity and sorority leaders to the table to grow as individuals as well as develop our Greek and Villanova community. This is the single greatest opportunity to see what great things each student and staff member, working together, can accomplish. Each student and leader can choose many paths, and determine their own journey to success! Qu∑st weekend educates, empowers, and inspires each student to be the greatest leader they can be.

At QU∑ST, each individual is assigned to a Chapter and Chapter Facilitator.  A Chapter, like our Greek communities, is a sum of its parts and provides a safe space for expression, social outlet and powerful friendships that we call sisterhood or brotherhood. Individually, chapters are some of the strongest organizations on campus. When brought together, however, they become nearly 2,000 of the most gifted and talented students and present a shared set of values that can ignite change in the world.

This inaugural year, we had 5 Facilitators. The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life offers sincere thanks to these campus partners who offered their time and talents to faciltate great dialogue as well as contribute to the curriculum development:

  • Alex Heppler - University of West Florida
  • Michael Morris - Residence Life
  • Mark Ostapenko - University Advancement
  • Julie Sheetz-Willard - Campus Ministry
  • Kristy Sillay - Health Promotions
  • Nick Wilson - Multicultural Affairs

Jessi McPherrin, Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Martin Garcia, Assistant Director, and Mimi Moran, Office Manager developed, organized and coordinated our inaugural retreat weekend.