Important Tasks for the Greek Week Chair

Important tasks that must be completed by the Greek Week Chair from each chapter:

  1. ALL GREEK WEEK CHAIRS MUST COLLABORATE WITH EACH OF THEIR TEAMS GREEK WEEK CHAIRS. Every team will have 3 Greek Week Chairs, so it is their duty to connect to come up with team participants for specified team events such as, any field day event, Can Castle Competition, and Quizzo. The Greek Week chairs in each team will try their best to represent all 3 chapters in team events. (We recommend using online sign up sheets such as google docs that can be shared). If you cannot find the contact information for your Greek Week Chair counterparts from your chapter President, please email Alandra Russ at ASAP.

  2. Shirt Design or other apparel Submission are due- Friday 3/29 - This is the absolute last day that themes and t-shirts will be accepted, so be aware that you must send this to by this date or prior.

  3. Skit Music Submission and lip sync song submission are due on Friday, 3/29 - submit electronically to: by this date or prior.

  4. Chapter Event Waiver Submission – are due prior to the beginning of each event. Chapters must submit via hard copy or emailed to, a signed waiver from each member of their chapter participating in that specific event at the beginning of each event at check-in. If you emailed your waivers, an Order of Omega Official will already have your waiver at a letter check-in table so you will need to find your table to complete a roll-call. You will fill out one waiver per every event. Only participants need to be on the waiver. Chapter members may still get participation credit for attending each event as "fans" at each event from an Order of Omega Official at any letter check-in table. 

  5. Lip Sync waivers and Greek Week Speaker waivers are due on Wednesday, 4/3 due to space capacity and assigned amount of members to attend from each chapter. 

  6. Each chapter must  turn in the signed addendum (roster) for Skit Night only! The roster will consist of all of your chapter participants who are performing in skit night at check-in or before they perform to an Order of Omega Official. The chapter may be disqualified from that event if the roster is not completed. The roster must be alphabetical and divided by grade. Order of Omega members should be bolded. You also need to submit an event waiver for skit night participants as well. Skit night is the only event that requires 2 forms to be completed. You may email your skit night forms to or bring hard copies to skit night at letter check-in to be given to an Order of Omega Official to complete roll-call. 

It is the responsibility of the assigned Greek Week Chairs to contact one another on their designated teams to come up with possible T-shirt designs or colors to wear, Greek week plans, and more. The more organized you are the better.