Greek Week General Rules

  1. Participants must be Villanova undergraduates and be active members of a recognized Greek organization. Fifth year seniors and new members are eligible to participate. There is to be no alumni participation of any kind.

  2. Points will be awarded as outlined in this packet. The team that has accumulated the highest amount of points shall be declared Greek Week champion.

  3. If any members of a team are caught cheating or violating the rules pertaining to each individual event, the entire team will be disqualified from that event. As no warnings will be given, ensure participants are aware of the rules prior to the start of the event. This will be strictly enforced. Disqualification will result in the loss of 10 points from the team's total score.

  4. There is a 5-minute grace period for all events. If any team is more than 5 minutes late, they will be disqualified. Disqualification will result in the loss of 10 points from the teams total score.

  5. All referees will be non-affiliated Order of Omega members, non-Greek affiliated students or faculty members, and when possible, intramural sports referees.

  6. Each Chapter will be given two printed copies of the Greek Week Rule Book. The print outs will be available on Friday 3/29/19.

  7. Greek Week is a Dry event! Please refer to the included Greek Week Alcohol Policy for more information.

  8. All decisions regarding the rules will be made by the Order of Omega Executive Board. These decisions are final. Each member of that committee shall be allowed to participate in one event for his or her chapter. They will not be involved in the decision making for that event.

  9. The Order of Omega Executive Board and the Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisers reserve the right to disqualify any individual, group of ndividuals, chapters, or groups of chapters at any time prior to, during, or after Greek Week for unsportsmanlike conduct or behavior unbecoming of a member of our Greek Community.

  10. Only the chapter's Greek Week Chair may approach the Order of Omega Executive Board members concerning a ruling decision and/or other legitimate concerns or feedback. This person should be the chapter's Greek Week Chair (pre-designated temporary representative). Any other person approaching the Order of Omega Executive Board will result in the potential for the loss of that day's sportsmanship points.