Letter and Team Check-In Procedures

FOR ALL EVENTS unless stated otherwise in event scoring

Check-in will be awarded based on the "SPIRIT/Attendance Points" guidelines.

Event Explanation

The purpose of letter check-ins is to have each chapter member wearing articles of clothing (or pins, badges, etc.) that advertise and promote Greek spirit by showing their chapter affiliation. Chapters are encouraged to show their spirit in both their teams and individual chapters. Letter check-ins will occur at the beginning of each event to calculate chapter attendance, and the overall team attendance at the end of the week.

NURSES CAN BE EXCLUDED FROM LETTER CHECK-IN DUE TO CLINICAL STUDY. Each chapter must produce a list of their nurses who will be absent for each letter check-in.

Event Rules

  1. Students must present a Photo ID and wear their article of clothing (or pins, badges, etc.) at the time they approach the Greek Week Letter Check at table at the Oreo.

  2. Students may not use an ID that is not their own.

  3. Students may not check in twice or check in for someone else.

  4. Students may not check in the same article of clothing (including pins, hats, letters, etc.) under two different people.

  5. Students with team gear on can show proof of chapter involvement in another form (website, app, picture, etc.) and still be counted towards team and chapter check in score.

  6. Any violation of the above statements will result in an automatic disqualification from this event.

  7. Students will not be checked in unless an ID or Wildcard is presented. This will be strictly enforced.

Event Scoring

  • 100% to 75% Participation - 20 Points
  • 74% to 50% Participation- 15 Points
  • 49% to 30% Participation - 10 Points
  • 29% to 15% Participation - 2 Points
  • 14% to 1% Participation - 1 Points
  • 0% Participation- 0 Points

This will be applied to every event per team and per chapter.