Greek Week Chair Responsibilities

  1. The Greek Week Chair is responsible for attending all Greek Week meetings before Greek Week and all event meetings during Greek Week.

  2. The Chair is responsible for communicating all information learned in these meetings to his/her chapter.

  3. The Greek Week Chair is responsible for organizing and coordinating their chapter's participation in any Greek Week event, which the chapter attends. This includes:
    • Awareness of event rules and articulation of those rules to the Chair's respective chapter participants.

    • Maintaining the respectful character and conduct of their chapter members before during and after the event/

    • Finding the Greek Week / Order of Omega staff at the start of each event and introducing themselves as their chapter's point of contact and organizer.

    • Helping in the cleanup of the area at the end of the event - leaving trash behind will result in the deduction of chapter's sportsmanship points for that day.

    • The Greek Week Chair is the sole spokesperson for the chapter regarding questions about rules, discussions with officials, or complaints to the Order of Omega Executive Board. Only one Chairperson per chapter may act as the spokesperson/ point of contact for the chapter. If the Chair cannot attend an event they must designate a replacement for that particular event.

  4. Only the Greek Week Chair or the temporary replacement may address officials and Order of Omega Exec Board members during an event. Any other chapter members who are found arguing rules and regulations will receive one verbal warning. If the unauthorized protest continues the chapter will be deducted its sportsmanship points for the day.