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Sigma Nu (ΣΝ)



Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded in 1869 at the Virginia Military Institute. Following the Civil War, the South was struggling through economic turmoil, civil strife, and social unrest. And, during this period, the practice of hazing was commonplace at VMI. In fact, hazing was so rampant, underclassmen were treated as subservient to upperclassmen. Three cadets, who believed strongly in the VMI honor code, “I will neither lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do,” felt that the code also included respect for individuals - no matter what their age, class, or rank. Hazing violated this code. They therefore took an oath to form The Legion of Honor, today known as Sigma Nu Fraternity. Sigma Nu is thus the only fraternity in existence founded on the principle of Honor and founded in firm opposition to hazing. Our core principles are Love, Honor, and Truth, and our commitment to these principles bind us together to this day. These ideals, in addition to our strict stance against hazing, have defined the Kappa Zeta Chapter since our chartering in 1983.

To believe in the Life of Love,
To walk in the Way of Honor,
To serve in the Light of Truth -
This is the Life, the Way, and the Light of Sigma Nu -
This is the Creed of our Fraternity.


Love, Honor, Truth


Commander Tyler Jones
Lt. Commander Ryan Cooke
Treasurer Michael Pergolizzi
Recorder Louis Baillon
Marshall Gregory Alboum
Recruitment Chairman John Egan
Chaplain James Tanella
Alumni Relations
Austin Ricca
Sentinel Erik Wilson
Risk Chair Michael Berke
Social Chairman Kevin Reinhard
LEAD Chairman Andrew Lauer
Philanthropy Jack Tedeschi
Scholarship Chairman John Duffy
Sigma Nu
Sigma Nu Fraternity


Philanthropy is a deeply-rooted aspect of the Sigma Nu Fraternity. Having spearheaded the Villanova NOVAdance program in the spring of 2014 under the leadership of one of our brothers, many current brothers continue to eagerly participate by raising money, attending the event, and holding important officer positions. Many brothers have welcomed our B+ Foundation Hero, named Danny, and his family to attend Villanova sports games, play football, and get lunch, among other events. Furthermore, the fraternity has held a letter-writing event with Alpha Phi to send handwritten messages to troops overseas. Looking forward, Sigma Nu is currently planning for a new annually-held philanthropy event to be initiated in the spring of 2017, which will seek to benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation and benefit local veterans.