About Us


In 1902, under the guidance of Father Matthew Cochran, a small group of students from St. Mary’s Hall (later Corr Hall) founded the first fraternity at Villanova with the purpose of studying the classics and promoting social interactions.

More than a century later, fraternities and sororities thrive at Villanova, with missions that seek to evoke leadership qualities in members through engagement in academic, service, philanthropic, and social initiatives.

The Fraternity and Sorority community at Villanova University has grown tremendously over the last century. Today, it consists of over 2,000 students in eight Interfraternity Council fraternities, eight Panhellenic Council sororities and eight Multicultural Greek Council organizations, all with inter/national affiliations.


To enhance the collegiate experience for members of fraternal organizations. Through Augustinian principles, Fraternity and Sorority Life guides students in their personal growth and development, forming well-rounded and valuable community members.


To be a welcoming, caring, and supportive environment for students participating in fraternal organizations. Through varied programming, educational efforts, challenging experiences, and predictions of future trends, Fraternity and Sorority Life provides students the opportunity to become contributing members of the overarching Villanova community.


We value education rooted in Augustinian principles. Fraternity and Sorority Life strives to ensure the success of students and invested partners in fraternal organizations through scholarship, diversity, respect, community, and responsibility.

Scholarship: To encourage and provide resources for fraternal members to succeed academically through continuous learning, moral development, and academic recognition.

Diversity: To encourage, facilitate, and support all students in the pursuit of a collaborative and socially responsible community, as well as a safe and healthy social environment.

Respect: To enrich the lives of fraternal members throughout the Fraternity and Sorority Life community, University community, and surrounding community by meaningful practice of ritual and values.

Community: To break down stereotypes, promote healthy relationships, and enhance partnerships with non-fraternal students, faculty, staff, clubs and organizations, the Villanova community, and the surrounding community.

Responsibility: To assist in the development of leadership skills and to empower fraternal members to hold themselves and each other accountable.


Hazing, in any form, is strictly prohibited by Villanova University, the Interfraternity, Panhellenic, and Multicultural Greek Councils, and the local and inter/national offices of each recognized organization. New and active members should not tolerate such behavior, as it does not promote relationship-building and trust, and rather serves to break down morale and the notion of community upon which Villanova University was founded.


Fr. Bernie Scianna, O.S.A., Ph.D.   
Phone: 610.519.6493
Email: bernard.scianna@villanova.edu

Sarah Hernandez
Assistant Director
Phone: 610.519.7282
Email: sarah.a.hernandez@villanova.edu

Eric Goins
Assistant Director
Phone: 610.519.7285
Email: eric.goins@villanova.edu

Marian Moran
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 610.519.7280
Email: marian.moran@villanova.edu

Alandra Russ
Graduate Assistant
Phone: 610.519.7280
Email: aruss2@villanova.edu


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