Alphabetical Listing

Alphabetical Listing of Safe Zones Volunteers/Locations:

Name Position/Department Location

Abdalla, Patty

Staff, College of Nursing

Driscoll 324 - College of Nursing

Adams, Bethany J. Staff, Psychology
Aldredge, Parker Student, RA, Class of '20
Alexander, Asaph Student, RA, Class of '20
Alexander, Celina Staff, Intercultural Affairs
Alhanouch, Jessica Student, RA, Class of '19
Alicea, Corie Staff, Registrar's Office
Al-Nawal, Julia Student, Class of '22
Andersen, Lucy Student, Class of '19

Andes, Stacy

Staff, Office of Health Promotion

HSB Ground Floor - Health Promotion

Anthony, Carol Staff, Mission & Ministry Corr Hall - Peace & Justice
Archibald, Kristin Staff, Law School

Arvanites, Debra

Faculty, VSB

Bartley Hall, Room 1061

Atkinson, Elizabeth Student, Class of '21
Avioli, Marybeth Staff, Student Life
Ayemere, Amenawon Student, Class of '21
Baghai, Farshid Faculty, Philosophy
Bair, Lindsay
Staff, Biology
Baker, O.S.A., Rev. Stephen Faculty, Education & Counseling
Baran, Peter Staff, Athletics
Baranik, Sarah Student, Law School
Bard II, Lee Grad Student, Graduate Studies
Barnard, Owen Student, Class of '19
Barowski, Joseph Student, RA, Class of '19
Barrett, Kelly C.
Grad Student, RA, Biology
Barton, April Staff, Law School
Basciano, Diana Staff, Dining Services
Batog, Stephanie Student, RA, Class of '19
Bauer, Gabriele Staff, VITAL
Belasco, Sonia Staff, Writing Center
Bennett, Breanna Grad Student, Biology
Berman, Leah Student, RA, Class of '19
Berry, Eloise J. Staff, Office of Intercultural Affairs
Berry, Michael Grad Student, RA, Class of '19
Beyer, Gerald Faculty, Theology
Bishop, Jared Faculty, Communication
Bishov, Deborah Staff, Falvey Library
Black, Kristen Student, RA, Class of '19
Blasi, Sydney Student, Class of '19
Boettcher, Linda Staff, OUS

Borden, James

Faculty, Accountancy

Bartley 2002 - Accountancy

Bowen, Sheryl

Faculty, Communication

Garey Hall, Communication Department

Bowman, Ryan Student, RA, Class of '19
Boylan, Molly Staff, Residence Life
Bradley, Ariella Staff, Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Bradley, Parris Staff, Theatre
Bradley, Patricia Faculty, Nursing
Brautigan, Levi Staff, Office of Education Abroad
Brewer, Christine Faculty, Nursing

Brocchi, Diane

Staff, CLAS External Relations

Brooks, Simon Student, Class of '21
Brophy, Jenn Staff, Athletics
Brown, JJ Staff, Student Involvement
Brown, Teisa Staff, President's Office
Brunk, Timothy Faculty, Theology & Religious Studies
Bryant, Aleczandra Student, RA, Class of '19
Bullock, Nahya Student, Class of '19
Burdo, Patricia Staff, VSB

Burke, Lynn

Staff, Learning Support Services

Busa, Anthony Student, Class of '19
Butler, Christina Staff, Career Center

Byrnes, Kathy

Staff, Student Life

Dougherty 202 - Office of Student Life

Cahill, Beth Staff, Career Center

Calderone, O.S.A., Rev. Joe

Staff, Office of Mission & Ministry

St. Rita's Hall - Campus Ministry

Cameron, Noreen Staff, Service Learning
Campanella, Liz Staff, Office of Education Abroad
Cannon, Alicia Student, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Class of '19
Capobianchi, Michelle Staff, Dining Services
Carroll, Suzette Staff, Public Safety

Caverly, Robert 

Staff, Electrical Engineering

Tolentine 433 - Electrical Engineering

Chan, Kaitlyn Student, Class of '20
Chen, Sarah Lauren Student, RA, Class of '19
Chizar, Zachary Staff, Media Relations
Chmielewski, Krista Staff, Athletics
Ciocco, Christine
Staff, Honors
Cipressi, Nora Student, RA, Class of '19
Citera, Joseph Staff, Student Involvement
Clarkin, Matthew M.
Student, Class of '21
Clayton, Garrett Faculty, Mechanical Engineering
Clements, John Staff, Public Safety
Coan, Maria Staff, Office of the Provost
Conforti, Mark Student, RA, Class of '19
Conner, Jerusha Faculty, Education & Counseling
Connolly, Katie Student, Class of '21
Connolly, Kendall Student, RA, Class of '19
Cooke, Natalie Staff, Registrar's Office
Coons, Andrew Staff, VSB

Copel, Linda

Faculty, Nursing

Driscoll Hall, 3rd Floor

Corso, Lori
Faculty, Law School
Cosenza, Juliana Student, Class of '21
Cowen, Bill Faculty, Communication
Cowley, Nora Student, RA, Class of '20

Crable, Bryan

Faculty, Communication

Garey Hall - Communication Department

Cregan, O.S.A., Rev. David

Faculty, Theatre

SAC 217 - Theatre Department

Cunningham, Jennifer Staff, UnIT

Cunningham, Michael

Staff, UnIT

TSB 205 - UnIT

Cywinski, Luisa

Staff, Falvey Library

Daigneault, Gabrielle Grad Student, RA, Accounting

Dailey, Alice

Faculty, English

SAC 470 - English Department

Dalik, Caitlin Staff, University Communication & Marketing
D'Amico, Nicholas Student, Class of '19
Dana, Sharon Staff, UnIT, Wildcard Office
Danquah, Stephany Student, Class of '21
Darensbourg, Hannah Student, Class of '22
Deb, Aarya Student, RA, Class of '21
DeFant, Carolyn Staff, Admissions

DeGrazio, Cathy

Staff, UnIT

TSB 200 - UnIT 

DellOrfano, Jenna Staff, VSB

DeMarco, Tom

Staff, Asst. V.P./Dean of Students

Kennedy 2nd Floor - Office for Residence Life

Dempsey, Michelle Faculty, Law School

DeNardis, Valentina

Faculty, Classical Studies

Derry, Jennifer

Staff, Human Resources

Deshler, Bailee Student, RA, Class of '20
Deucher, Christopher Student, RA, Class of '19
DiAcetis, Sarah Student, Class of '20
Diaz-Lopez, Alexander Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics
DiLucido, Bernadette Staff, Monastery
Dineen-Carey, Marielle Student, RA, Class of '19
DiSalvo, Rose Staff, UnIT TSB 216 - UnIT
Dolan, John Student, RA, Class of '20
Donahue, Kevin Staff, UnIT TSB 307 - UnIT
Dooley, Robyn Staff, College of Professional Studies

Doorley, Mark

Faculty, Ethics

SAC 481 - Ethics Department

Duffy, Gina Staff, Falvey Library
Duffy, Margaret M. Staff, Falvey Library

Dunphy-Culp, Alicia

Staff, Student Life

Duque, Adriano Faculty, Romance Languages & Literature
Dwyer, Brighid Staff, Diversity & Inclusion
Edelman, Diane Faculty, Law School
Edoga, Emma Grad Student, Psychology
Egan, Melanie Staff, Admissions
Einspahr, Alexandria Grad Student, Learning Support

Elder, Gary

Staff; UnIT

TSB 120 - UnIT - Chief Technical Officer

Elder, Isaac Student, RA, Class of '19
Elgin, Ernest Grad Student, RA, CPE
Ellis, Amy Staff, Law School
Elmer, Kristopher Staff Intern, Athletics
Evans, Jack Student, RA, Class of '19

Ewing, Maura

Staff, Human Resources

Faddis, Claire Student, RA, Class of '19
Faraone, Alice Staff, UnIT
Fares, Madhat Student, RA, Class of '19
Farrah, Alexa Student, Class of '19
Farrow, Galeet Staff, Dean of Students
Faust, Erika Student, Class of '19

Feeman, Timothy

Faculty, Mathematical Sciences

Feola, Carmine Grad Student, RA, Class of '20

Fernandez-Duque, Diego

Faculty, Psychology

Tolentine 220 - Psychology

Fierros, Edward Staff, Education

Finfrock, Richard

Staff, Public Safety

Farrell Hall - Public Safety

Fink, Anne Staff, College of Nursing

Fitton, Maureen

Staff, Campus Ministry

St. Rita's - Lower Level - Campus Ministry

Foley, Mary Clare Student, Class of '19
Folkesson, Ellinore Student, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Class of '19
Forrest, Vicki Staff, VSB
Fox, Tish Staff, Law School
Francisco, Cayla Student, Class of '21
Gabriel, Kelly Graduate Student, Psychology
Gaffney, Eileen Student, Class of '20
Gagnier, Stephen Student, RA, Class of '19
Galiv, Begum Student, Class of '19
Gallagher, Kathy Staff, Wildcard Dougherty 1st Floor - Wildcard Office
Galloway, Michelle Staff, VSB, Clay Center
Gambale, Noelle
Student, RA, Class of '19
Gans, Rachel Student, Class of '19
Gant, Madiah Student, Class of '19
Garcia, Antonio Student, RA, Class of '19
Garippa, Allison Student, RA, Class of '19
Garland, Kashae Student, Class of '22
Garvey, Sue Staff, University Communication
Garzio-Hadzick, Amanda Staff, Engineering
Gauvin, Kathryn Student, RA, Class of '19
George, Michael Staff, Graphic Services
GetekSoltis, Kathryn Staff, Peace & Justice
Giancatarino, Katie Staff, Campus Ministry
Gibson, Carolyn Staff, Education Abroad
Gibson, Erin Student, RA, Class of '19
Gilman, Maryellen Staff, Bursar's Office
Gilmore, Caitlin Staff, VSB, Clay Center
Giometti, Martae Staff, VSB
Giordano, Michael Student, RA, Class of '19
Giuricich, Zachary Student, Engineering, Class of '19
Glenn, Marylou Staff, Office of the Provost
Go, Gwenny Grad Student, RA
Gold, Zbynek Student, RA, Class of '19
Goodreau, Rachel Student, RA, Class of '20
Goran, Ayan Student, Class of '19
Graham, Mark Anthony
Student, Class of '22
Graziola, Jonathan Staff, IT Operations, CLAS
Griffin, Daniel L. Staff, Mission and Ministry
Grimes, Gregory Faculty, Arts & Sciences
Grimes, Kathleen Faculty, Theology & Religious Studies
Grover, Gunita Faculty, Finance
Grubb, Kevin C. Staff, Career Center
Guevara, David Student, Class of '22
Gulotta, Anthony Grad Student, RA
Hagan, O.S.A., Fr. Rob Staff, Athletics - Compliance
Hala, John Staff, UnIT
Haley, Patricia Staff, Environmental Safety
Hamberger, Eric Staff, VSB
Hannon, Lance Faculty, Sociology
Hansen, Scott Staff, VSB
Harden, Joyce Staff, Administrative/Events Asst., Dean's Office, The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Harrington, Jaira
Faculty, Global Interdisciplinary Studies
Harris, Emily F. Student, Learning Support
Harris, Lisa Staff, Athletics
Harris, Matthew Staff, Admissions

Hassel, Beth

Staff, Center for Faith & Learning

Corr Hall, 1st Floor - Faith & Learning

Havlik, Stacey Faculty, Education & Counseling
Hayes, Katherine Student, RA, Class of '19
Haymaker, Kathryn Faculty, Mathematics & Statistics
Heincer, Hank Staff, UnIT Mendel 94
Henderson, Ryan Student, Class of '20
Hernandez, Sophia Student, RA, Class of '19
Heuermann, Taylor Student, Class of '19
Hibbs, Elisa Staff, Theatre
Hidore, Kimberly Staff, VSB
Hill, Susan Staff, UnIT
Hinch, Taylor Student, Class of '21
Hodges, Melissa Faculty, Sociology and Criminology
Hoffman, Tim Staff, Office of the Provost
Hohman, Joseph P. Staff, Residence Life
Hollis, Karyn Faculty, English Department
Hollis, O.S.A., Fr. Keith Staff, Campus Ministry
Holmes, Charlotte Staff, Office of Undergraduate Studies

Hornsberry, Nikki

Staff, Student Involvement

Dougherty 108 - CAT

House, Haniah Student, Class of '19
Howley, Colin Student, Class of '20
Hunter, Brooke Faculty, English
Hyde, Margaret Student, Class of '21
Irving, Emily Staff, University Advancement
Jacobs, Jhaakira Staff, Career Center
Jaczynski, Linda Staff, Campus Ministry St. Rita's, 1st Floor - Campus Ministry
Jamison, David Faculty, Mechanical Engineering
Jenkins, Evan Student, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Class of '19
Johnson, Danielle Faculty, Public Administration
Jones, Jamilah D. Student, Class of '19
Jones, Nykeia Student, Class of '19
Jorgensen, Mackenzie Student, Class of '20
Joyce, Jennifer Faculty, Arts & Sciences
Juniewicz, Gabriela Student, Class of '21
Juo, Jia yin Student, RA, Class of '19
Kane, Kimberly Staff, Accounting
Kasunic, Julie Student, RA, Class of '20
Keane, Joanna Student, Class of '19
Keenan, Aislinn Student, Class of '19
Kees, Jeremy Faculty, Marketing Bartley 3006 - Marketing Department
Keilsohn, William Grad Student, Biiology
Keith, Sarah Staff, CLAS
Kelly, Mary T. Faculty, Economics
Key, Kevin
Student, RA, Class of '21
Kinsella, John Michael Student, Class of '21
Knauss, Stefanie Faculty, Theology & Religious Studies
Knecht, Amanda Faculty, Mathematical Sciences
Knoll, Lauren Staff, VSB
Kojak, Courtney Student, Nursing, Class of '19
Kolb, George Staff, Alumni Relations

Kotschneff, Emil

Staff; UnIT

TSB 119 - UnIT - Chief Technical Officer

Kovacs, Connor Student, Class of '20

Kovolski, Christopher

Staff, Office of Exec. V.P.

Kraut, Daniel Faculty, Chemistry
Kremer, Peleg Faculty, Geography
Kriegel, Lindsey Staff, VSB
Kriesel, James C. Faculty, Roman Languages & Literature
Krutz, Ellen Staff, Human Resources
Kurchan, Eydiejo Faculty, Chemistry
Kurt, Marissa Student, RA, Class of '19
Kurtz, John E. Faculty, Psychology
Kurzweil, Andrew Grad Student, RA, Class of '20
Kwon, Ae
Student, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Class of '19
Lakso, Conrad Student, RA, Class of '21
Leamon, Ashley Staff, Graduate Studies
Ledesma, Justin Staff, Admissions
Lee, Caroline Student, Class of '19
Lees, Connor Student, RA, Class of '19
LeGrand, Katie Staff, Athletics
Lenthe, Alice Staff, Environmental Health & Safety
Leonardo, Nathalie Student, Class of '20
Leroux, Claire Student, RA, Class of '19

Levitan, Michael

Faculty, Mathematical Sciences

Lewis, David Student, RA, Class of '19
Liberato, Jennifer Staff, Residence Life
Lieu, Cassandra Student, Class of '19
Lima, Jacqueline Student, RA, Class of '19
Lin, Austin Student, Class of '21
Lindley, Jonathan Student, RA,Class of '19
Lockwood, Sophia Student, RA, Class of '19
Long, Timothy Student, RA, Class of '20
Longo, Thomas Graduate Student, RA, Physics
Lukens, R Edel Faculty, Undergraduate Studies

Lutes, Jean

Faculty, English

SAC 457 - English Department

MacDonald, Shauna Faculty, Communication
MacKenzie, Meredith Faculty, Nursing
Malenda, Angelina Student, Class of '19
Malmskog, Beth Faculty, Mathematics & Statistics
Malott, Krista Faculty, Education & Counseling
Manosca, Nawnora
Student, RA, Class of '19
Marcotte, Meredith Student, RA, Class of '20
Margolis, Nancy Staff, Writing Center
Mariani, Bette Faculty, Nursing
Martin, Joanna Staff, College of Professional Studies
Massonnat, Francois Faculty, Romance Languages
Mastracchio, Nicole Student, RA, Class of '19
Matthews, Laura Staff, Undergraduate Students
Matney, Samuel Student, RA, Class of '19
May, Jared Staff, Mission & Ministry
Mazar, Kylie (Shea) Staff, VSB
Mazzoni, Lisa Staff, Procurement
Mazzotta, Rosemary Staff, Athletics
McAssey, Sarah Student, RA, Class of '19
McCall, Timothy Faculty, History Department SAC 445,
McCarthy, Kristy Staff, Health Promotion
McDermott-Levy, Ruth Faculty, Nursing Driscoll Hall - College of Nursing
McDonnell, Martin Staff, Unit
McElroy, Shayla Staff, Career Center
McElwee, Sean Staff, Campus Ministry
McGann, Lael Staff, First & Second Year Initiatives
McGee, Dan Staff, UnIT TSB, B113, Lower Level - UnIT
McGonigle, Mary Staff, Health Center HSB 3rd Floor - Health Center
McKay, Michelle Faculty, Nursing
McKenna, Danielle Student, Class of '21
McMonigle-Caprara, Margaret Faculty, French
McNamara, Sally Student, Class of '21
McStravog, Aimee Staff, Career Center
Meier, Ashley Student, RA, Class of '19
Mendez, Jim Faculty, Nursing
Michonski, Rebecca Student, RA, Class of '19
Migliarino, Millie (aka Carmela) Staff, Admissions
Miles, Alicia Staff, Law School
Mitchell, Benjamin R. Faculty, Computing Sciences
Mitchell, Maurice
Graduate Student, CASA, RA, Class of '19
Mongiello, Kathy Staff, VSB, Clay Center
Monro, Rebecca Staff, VSB
Montebello, Kate Student, Class of '19
Montecchio, Ashley Staff, Athletics
Monteleone, Gabriel Student, RA, Class of '19
Mooney, Christine Faculty, Law School
Moran, Marian Staff, Fraternity & Sorority Life
Morris, Christopher Graduate Student, RA, Theology
Morris, Thomas S. Staff, Education Abroad

Morrissey, Matt

Staff, UnIT

TSB 113 - UnIT

Mott, Nancy Staff, Learning Support Services Vasey Hall - Learning Support Services
Mueller, Sydney Student, Class of '19
Muller, Kaitlyn Faculty, Mathematics & Statistics
Munter, Lauren Student, Class of '19
Murray, Billie Faculty, Communication

Murray, Brian

Staff, Athletics - Business

JNF 2nd Floor - Athletics

Nadorlik, Katie Staff, Graduate Studies

Nance, Terry

Staff, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

NarvaezDiaz, Carla Faculty, Biology
Nash, Abigail Student, RA, Class of '19
Nass, Christine Staff, Music Activities
N'Diaye, Rachel Staff, Nursing

Nolan, Scott

Staff, Connelly Center

Connelly Center 1st Floor

Nowosad, Zack Staff, Engineering
Obermyer, Kristin
Faculty, Computing Sciences

O'Brien, Jim

Faculty, Mechanical Engineering

Tolentine 300 - Mechanical Engineering

O'Brien, Teri

Staff, Student Life

O'Connor, Ann Staff, VSB
Olson, Laura Student, Class of '20
O'Neil, Connor Gradudate Student, Finance
Orr, Laura Staff, Music Activities

Pacella, Trudy

Staff, Mission & Ministry

Palenchar, Peter Faculty, Chemistry
Palmerio, Josh Staff, University Card Systems, Wildcard
Papalaskari, Mary Faculty, Computing Sciences
Pascal, Spencer Student, RA, Class of '20
Pasles, Paul Faculty, Mathematics & Statistics
Passaro, Sophie Student, Class of '21
Patch, Debra Staff, Public Safety
Pawlik, Laura Student, Class of '19
Pearce, Amy Staff, Finance
Pearson, Tiffany Student, Class of '21
Pesini, Stephen Staff, UnIT
Pfender, Emily Grad Student, Office of Diversity
Pham, Hau
Student, RA, Class of '20
Phillips, Chelsea Faculty, Theatre
Pinchock, George Staff, Music Activities
Pineda, Claudia Student, Class of '22

Pollack-Johnson, Bruce

Faculty, Mathematical Sciences

Pontarelli, Nicholas Staff, VSB
Popa, Delia
Faculty, Philosophy deli
Student, Class of '19

Posner, Michael

Faculty, Mathematical Sciences

SAC 387 - Mathematical Sciences

Post, Candice Staff, Counseling Center
Precourt, Katherine Student, RA, Class of '19
Presley, Charisma Staff, CASA
Press, James
Grad Student, Engineering
Proctor, Shawn Staff, University Communication
Quinn, Joanne Staff, Communication & Marketing

Quisenberry, Chrissy

Staff; Office of the President

Tolentine Hall 1st Floor - President's Office

Rebalsky, Rebecca Staff, CLAS
Redick, Colin Staff, VSB
Reilly, Kimberly Staff, Theatre
Reingold, Nicole Student, RA, Class of '19
Reinhart, Marisa Student, Class of '19
Remelius, Liz Staff, College of Professional Studies
Remster, Brianna
Faculty, Sociology & Criminology
Rene, Cindy Student, RA, Class of '20
Reynolds, Madeline Staff, Honors

Rickert, Clete

Staff, UnIT

TSB 226 - UnIT - University Information Systems

Robinson, Eric Student, RA, Class of '19
Robinson, Maryanne Faculty, Law School
Rockwell, Amy K. Staff, Student Involvement
Rodriguez, Kerlyn Student, RA, Class of '19
Rodriguez, Victor Student, RA, Class of '20
Rose, Heidi Faculty, Communications
Rose, Maura Student, Class of '20

Ross, Jody

Faculty, English

Old Falvey 206B

Rost, Ryan

Staff, University Compliance

Rothermel, Jacob Staff, Theatre

Rylander, Sheila B.

Gov. Staff for NROTC

John Barry Hall; Naval Science

Saleh, Matthew Staff, Law School
Salvati, Anna Staff, Engineering
Samahon, Tuan Faculty, Law School
Sambor, Hannah
Student, RA, Class of '19
Sanchez-Castaneda, Isabella Student, Class of '20
Santee, David Faculty, Law School
Schauder, Marie Staff, Residence Life
Scheiner, Sydney Staff, Dean of Students
Schick, Joseph T. Faculty, Physics
Schmidt, John A. Faculty, Biology
Schultz, Steven Faculty, Law School
Schwarz, Liesel Staff, Project Management
Schweitzer, Alissa Staff, Student Involvement
Scoboria, Katie Rose Student, RA, Class of '19
Scott, Andrew G. Faculty, Classical Studies
Sepulveda, David Student, RA, Class of '20
Sewell, Lisa Faculty, English

Shaffer, Peggy

Staff, UnIT

TSB 121A - UnIT

Sharts-Hopko. Nancy

Faculty, College of Nursing

Driscoll Hall 319B

Shave, Samantha Student, RA, Class of '19
Sheetz, Julia Staff, Campus Ministry
Sherman, Michelle Staff, Campus Ministry
Shield, Margaret Student, RA, Class of '19

Simmons, Mary Beth

Staff, Writing Center

Falvey 202 - Writing Center

Simpson, James Staff, Public Safety
Skrlaclo, Rachel Faculty, Education & Counseling
Sloane, Edward Staff, Campus Ministry
Slotter, Erica Faculty, Psychology
Smart IV, Dalton Student, Class of '20
Smith, Kayla Student, Class of '19
Socket, Ellen Staff, VSB
Somich, Maverick
Student, RA, Class of '19
Sorgini, Gina Staff, OPIR
Sprinkle, Sarah
Student, RA, Class of '19
Stackhouse, Christine Staff, Alumni Relations
Stahl, Kallie Staff, Communication & Marketing
Stanislaus, Denzell Graduate Student, Residence Life, RA
Starr, Deanna Graduate Student, Communications, RA
Stein, Emma Student, RA, Class of '21
Stehl, William Staff, Campus Ministry
Stepanek, Katie Student, RA, Class of '19
Stover, Brenda Staff, VSB
Stover, Colleen Staff, Chemical Engineering
Strickler, Gaynor Faculty, Sociology SAC 278 - Sociology Department
Stuckey, Eamon Student, RA, Class of '19
Subacus, Melanie Faculty, Classics
Subik, Nicole Staff, Learning Support Services
Sullivan, Brendan Student, Class of '19
Sundberg, Brynn Grad Student, Chemistry
Szumanski, Kate Staff, OUS
Talley, Gina Faculty, CLAS
Tasca, Julia Grad Student, Chemistry
Tatulli, Samantha Staff, Health Promotion
Tawfik, Eriny Student, RA, Class of '19
Thiem, Yannik Faculty, Philosophy
Thompson, Catherine Staff, Alumni Relations
Thoroughgood, Christian Faculty, Psychology

Tian, Doudou

Staff, UnIT

TSB 205B - UnIT

Tiedemann, John Staff, Public Safety

Tighe, Lynn

Staff, Athletics-Student Services

JNF 1st Floor - Athletics

Toner, Cathy J. Staff, VSB
Tong, Shan Grad Student, Civil Engineering
Toscano, Joseph Faculty, Psychology
Toy, Jordan Staff, OUS
Trail, Ann Staff, Office of Undergraduate Students, A&S
Trainer, James F. Staff, OPIR
Tumolo, Nick Staff, Dean of Students
Tuzio, Colleen Staff, Nursing
Umile, Thomas Faculty, Chemistry
Vaillancourt, Alissa Faculty, Classical Studies
Valentine, Michael Student, RA, Class of '20
Vaughan, Sara Student, RA, Class of '19
Venella, Allison Staff, Athletics
Viescas, Amber Staff, A&S
Villano, Debra Staff, Registrar's Office
Vliet, Kristine Staff, Engineering
Vuoto, Christie Staff, Career Center
Wahesh, Edward Faculty, Education & Counseling
Walsh, David Staff, Campus Ministry
Wang, Q Faculty, Communication Department
Wang, Wendy Student, Class of '20
Ward, Lauren Staff, CASA
Warren, Susann Staff, Law School Student Services

Warrick, Catherine

Faculty, Political Science

Weaver, Juanita

Faculty, Communication

Garey Hall - Communication Department

Weinstein, Randy  Staff, Office of the Prosost

Welch, Kelly

Faculty, Sociology

SAC 274 - Sociology Department

Welsch, Katharine

Staff, Inn at Villanova University

Dundale, Ground Floor - Development

Westrate, Michael T. Staff, Office of UG Research & Fellowship

Wetzel, James

Faculty, Philosophy

SAC 177 - Philosophy Department

Whalen, Nancy Staff, Law School

Whan Tong, Hubert

Staff, International Students

Connelly 2nd floor - International Student Office

Wheeland, Craig

Staff, Office of the Provost

Wheeler, Samantha Staff, Career Center
Whinney, Jennifer Staff, VSB
Whitfield, Emily Faculty, Biology Mendel 193A - Biology Department
Whiting, Matthew Student, Class of '19

Whitney, Joan

Staff, Counseling Center

HSB 1st floor - Counseling Center

Williams, Amber Staff, Residence Life
Willliams, Khalida Student, RA, Class of '21
Willliams, Yacina Student, Class of '22
Wilms, Emily Staff, UnIT
Wilson, Shannon Staff, VSB
Winer, Rebecca Faculty, History
Wingo, Sarah Staff, Falvey Library
Wosczyna, Terri Staff, Engineering

Wykoff, Dennis

Faculty, Biology

Yadav, Jyotasna Student, Class of '19

Yates, Jonathan

Faculty, Theology & Religious Studies

Yee, Terence Faculty, Education & Counseling
Young, Carter Student, Class of '19
Zhang, Tony
Student, RA, Class of '20
Zubris, Deanna Faculty, Chemistry