A-Z List

Alphabetical Listing of Safe Zones Volunteers/Locations:

Name Position/Department Email/Location
Abbrescia, Ariana Student, CLAS, Class of '21 aabresc@villanova.edu
Abdul-Masih, Maria Student, RA, Class of '19
Adams, Bethany J. Staff, Psychology bethany.j.adams@villanova.edu
Aldredge, Parker Student, RA, Class of '20 paldredg@villanova.edu
Alexander, Asaph Student, RA, Class of '20 aalexan7@villanova.edu
Alexander, Celina Staff, Intercultural Affairs celina.alexander@villanova.edu
Alhanouch, Jessica Student, RA, Class of '19 jalhanou@villanova.edu
Alicea, Corie Staff, Registrar's Office corie.alicea@villanova.edu
Al-Nawal, Julia Student, Class of '22 jalnawal@villanova.edu
Amber, Kelly
Staff, EMBA kelly.amber@villanova.edu
Andersen, Lucy Student, Class of '19

Andes, Stacy

Staff, Office of Health Promotion

HSB Ground Floor - Health Promotion

Anthony, Carol Staff, Mission & Ministry Corr Hall - Peace & Justice
Anthony, Jeanette Staff, Career Center jeanette.anthony@villanova.edu
Archibald, Kristin Staff, Law School archibald@law.villanova.edu

Arvanites, Debra

Faculty, VSB

Bartley Hall, Room 1061

Atkinson, Elizabeth Student, Class of '21
Avioli, Marybeth Staff, Student Life marybeth.avioli@villanova.edu
Ayemere, Amenawon Student, Class of '21 aayemere@villanova.edu
Baghai, Farshid Faculty, Philosophy farshid.baghai@villanova.edu
Bair, Lindsay
Staff, Biology lindsay.bair@villanova.edu
Baker, O.S.A., Rev. Stephen Faculty, Education & Counseling
Baran, Peter Staff, Athletics peter.baran@villanova.edu
Baranik, Sarah Student, Law School sbaranik@law.villanova.edu
Bard II, Lee Grad Student, Graduate Studies lbard@villanova.edu
Barnard, Owen Student, Class of '19
Barowski, Joseph Student, RA, Class of '19 jbarows1@villanova.edu
Barrett, Kelly C.
Grad Student, RA, Biology kbarre10@villanova.edu
Barton, April Staff, Law School barton@law.villanova.edu
Basciano, Diana Staff, Dining Services diana.basciano@villanova.edu
Batog, Stephanie Student, RA, Class of '19 sbatog@villanova.edu
Bauer, Gabriele Staff, VITAL gabriele.bauer@villanova.edu
Baxter, Lucy
Student, SGA, Class of '22 lbaxter@villanova.edu
Belasco, Sonia Staff, Writing Center sonia.belasco@villanova.edu
Bennett, Breanna Grad Student, Biology bbennet4@villanova.edu
Berman, Leah Student, RA, Class of '19 lberman@villanova.edu
Bermudez, Emily Student, Class of '21 ebermud3@villanova.edu
Berry, Eloise J. Staff, Office of Intercultural Affairs eloise.berry@villanova.edu
Berry, Michael Grad Student, RA, Class of '19
Beyer, Gerald Faculty, Theology gerald.beyer@villanova.edu
Bianco, Michael Student, Class of '22 mbianco4@villanova.edu
Bishop, Jared Faculty, Communication jared.bishop@villanova.edu
Bishov, Deborah Staff, Falvey Library deborah.bishov@villanova.edu
Black, Kristen Student, RA, Class of '19 kblack6@villanova.edu
Blasi, Sydney Student, Class of '19 sblasi01@villanova.edu
Bodensteiner, Kate Student, Class of '22
Boettcher, Linda Staff, OUS linda.boettcher@villanova.edu

Borden, James

Faculty, Accountancy

Bartley 2002 - Accountancy

Bove, Andrew J. Faculty, ACS andrew.j.bove@villanova.edu

Bowen, Sheryl

Faculty, Communication

Garey Hall, Communication Department

Bowman, Ryan Student, RA, Class of '19 rbowman3@villanova.edu
Boylan, Molly Staff, Residence Life molly.boylan@villanova.edu
Bradley, Ariella Staff, Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Bradley, Parris Staff, Theatre parris.bradley@villanova.edu
Bradley, Patricia Faculty, Nursing patricia.bradley@villanova.edu
Brautigan, Levi Staff, Office of Education Abroad
Brenner, Jack Student, Class of '20
Brewer, Christine Faculty, Nursing christine.brewer@villanova.edu

Brocchi, Diane

Staff, CLAS External Relations


Brooks, Simon Student, Class of '21 sbrook12@villanova.edu
Brophy, Jenn Staff, Athletics jennifer.brophy@villanova.edu
Brown, JJ Staff, Student Involvement jeffrey.brown@villanova.edu
Brown, Teisa Staff, President's Office
Brunk, Timothy Faculty, Theology & Religious Studies timothy.brunk@villanova.edu
Bruns, Madison Student, Class of '21 mbruns1@villanova.edu
Bryant, Aleczandra Student, RA, Class of '19
Bullock, Nahya Student, Class of '19 abulloc3@villanova.edu
Burdo, Patricia Staff, VSB patricia.burdo@villanova.edu

Burke, Lynn

Staff, Learning Support Services


Busa, Anthony Student, Class of '19
Butera, Peter
Student, Class of '20 pbutera@villanova.edu
Butler, Christina Staff, Career Center christina.butler@villanova.edu

Byrnes, Kathy

Staff, Student Life

Dougherty 202 - Office of Student Life

Cahill, Beth Staff, Career Center beth.cahill@villanova.edu

Calderone, O.S.A., Rev. Joe

Staff, Office of Mission & Ministry

St. Rita's Hall - Campus Ministry

Cameron, Noreen Staff, Service Learning noreen.cameron@villanova.edu
Campanella, Liz Staff, Office of Education Abroad
Cannon, Alicia Student, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Class of '19 acannon4@villanova.edu
Capkin, Patricia Staff, Registrar patricia.capkin@villanova.edu
Capobianchi, Michelle Staff, Dining Services michelle.capobianchi@villanova.edu
Carroll, Suzette Staff, Public Safety suzette.carroll@villanova.edu

Caverly, Robert 

Staff, Electrical Engineering

Tolentine 433 - Electrical Engineering

Chan, Kaitlyn Student, Class of '20 kchan9@villanova.edu
Chen, Sarah Lauren Student, RA, Class of '19 schen22@villanova.edu
Chioke, Chidinma Student, RA, VSB, Class of '21 cchioke@villanova.edu
Chizar, Zachary Staff, Media Relations zachary.chizar@villanova.edu
Chmielewski, Krista Staff, Athletics krista.chmielewski@villanova.edu
Ciocco, Christine
Staff, Honors christine.ciocco@villanova.edu
Cipressi, Nora Student, RA, Class of '19 ncipress@villanova.edu
Citera, Joseph Staff, Student Involvement joseph.citera@villanova.edu
Clarkin, Matthew M.
Student, Class of '21
Clayton, Garrett Faculty, Mechanical Engineering garrett.clayton@villanova.edu
Clements, John Staff, Public Safety john.clements@villanova.edu
Coan, Maria Staff, Office of the Provost
Conforti, Mark Student, RA, Class of '19 mconfor2@villanova.edu
Conlan, Reid Student, CLAS, Class of 2021 rconlan1@villanova.edu
Conner, Jerusha Faculty, Education & Counseling jerusha.conner@villanova.edu
Connolly, Katie Student, Class of '21
Connolly, Kendall Student, RA, Class of '19 kconno24@villanova.edu
Cooke, Natalie Staff, Registrar's Office
Coons, Andrew Staff, VSB andrew.coons@villanova.edu

Copel, Linda

Faculty, Nursing

Driscoll Hall, 3rd Floor

Corso, Lori
Faculty, Law School lori.corso@law.villanova.edu
Corso, Michelle Staff, Chemistry michelle.corso@villanova.edu
Cowen, Bill Faculty, Communication william.cowen@villanova.edu
Cowley, Nora Student, RA, Class of '20 ncowley@villanova.edu

Crable, Bryan

Faculty, Communication

Garey Hall - Communication Department

Crawford, Jack Student, CLAS, Class of '21

Cregan, O.S.A., Rev. David

Faculty, Theatre

SAC 217 - Theatre Department

Cunningham, Jennifer Staff, UnIT jennifer.cunningham@villanova.edu

Cunningham, Michael

Staff, UnIT

TSB 205 - UnIT

Cywinski, Luisa

Staff, Falvey Library


Daigneault, Gabrielle Grad Student, RA, Accounting gdaignea@villanova.edu

Dailey, Alice

Faculty, English

SAC 470 - English Department

Dalik, Caitlin Staff, University Communication & Marketing caitlin.dalik@villanova.edu
D'Amico, Nicholas Student, Class of '19 ndamico1@villanova.edu
Dana, Sharon Staff, UnIT, Wildcard Office sharon.dana@villanova.edu
Danquah, Stephany Student, Class of '21 sdanquah@villanova.edu
Darensbourg, Hannah Student, Class of '22 hdarensb@villanova.edu
Deb, Aarya Student, RA, Class of '21 adeb1@villanova.edu
DeFant, Carolyn Staff, Admissions carolyn.defant@villanova.edu

DeGrazio, Cathy

Staff, UnIT

TSB 200 - UnIT 

DellOrfano, Jenna Staff, VSB jenna.dellorfano@villanova.edu

DeMarco, Tom

Staff, Asst. V.P./Dean of Students

Kennedy 2nd Floor - Office for Residence Life

Dempsey, Michelle Faculty, Law School dempsey@law.villanova.edu

DeNardis, Valentina

Faculty, Classical Studies


Derry, Jennifer

Staff, Human Resources


Deshler, Bailee Student, RA, Class of '20 bdeshler@villanova.edu
Deucher, Christopher Student, RA, Class of '19 cdeucher@villanova.edu
DiAcetis, Sarah Student, Class of '20 sdiaceti@villanova.edu
Diaz-Lopez, Alexander Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics alexander.diaz-lopez@villanova.edu
DiLucido, Bernadette Staff, Monastery bernadette.dilucido@augustinian.org
Dineen-Carey, Marielle Student, RA, Class of '19
DiSalvo, Rose Staff, UnIT TSB 216 - UnIT
Dolan, John Student, RA, Class of '20 jdolan15@villanova.edu
Donahue, Kevin Staff, UnIT TSB 307 - UnIT
Dooley, Robyn Staff, College of Professional Studies robyn.dooley@villanova.edu

Doorley, Mark

Faculty, Ethics

SAC 481 - Ethics Department

Dowling, Nasir Student, Class of '21 ndowlin4@villanova.edu
Duffy, Gina Staff, Falvey Library regina.duffy@villanova.edu
Duffy, Margaret M. Staff, Falvey Library margaret.m.duffy@villanova.edu
Dunbar, James Student, Class of '22 jdunbar1@villanova.edu

Dunphy-Culp, Alicia

Staff, Student Life


Duque, Adriano Faculty, Romance Languages & Literature adriano.duque@villanova.edu
Dwyer, Brighid Staff, Diversity & Inclusion brighid.dwyer@villanova.edu
Edelman, Diane Faculty, Law School edelman@law.villanova.edu
Edoga, Emma Grad Student, Psychology eedoga@villanova.edu
Egan, Melanie Staff, Admissions melanie.egan@villanova.edu
Einspahr, Alexandria Grad Student, Learning Support aeinspa1@villanova.edu

Elder, Gary

Staff; UnIT

TSB 120 - UnIT - Chief Technical Officer

Elder, Isaac Student, RA, Class of '19
Elgin, Ernest Grad Student, RA, CPE eelgin@villanova.edu
Ellis, Amy Staff, Law School aellis@law.villanova.edu
Elmer, Kristopher Staff Intern, Athletics
Emamzadeh, Margaret
Student, Class of '21 memamzad@villanova.edu
Erdman, Brooke Staff, Graduate Studies brooke.erdman@villanova.edu
Evans, Jack Student, RA, Class of '19

Ewing, Maura

Staff, Human Resources


Faddis, Claire Student, RA, Class of '19 cfaddis@villanova.edu
Faraone, Alice Staff, UnIT alice.faraone@villanova.edu
Fares, Madhat Student, RA, Class of '19 mfares@villanova.edu
Farrah, Alexa Student, Class of '19
Farrow, Galeet Staff, Dean of Students galeet.farrow@villanova.edu
Faust, Erika Student, Class of '19

Feeman, Timothy

Faculty, Mathematical Sciences


Feola, Carmine Grad Student, RA, Class of '20 cfeola1@villanova.edu

Fernandez-Duque, Diego

Faculty, Psychology

Tolentine 220 - Psychology

Fierros, Edward Staff, Education edward.fierros@villanova.edu

Finfrock, Richard

Staff, Public Safety

Farrell Hall - Public Safety

Fink, Anne Staff, College of Nursing

Fitton, Maureen

Staff, Campus Ministry

St. Rita's - Lower Level - Campus Ministry

Flynn, Charlotte Student, RA, Class of '19 cflynn21@villanova.edu
Foley, Mary Clare Student, Class of '19
Folkesson, Ellinore Student, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Class of '19
Forrest, Vicki Staff, VSB victoria.forrest@villanova.edu
Foster, Deyjah Student, RA, Class of '19
Fox, Tish Staff, Law School
Francisco, Cayla Student, Class of '21 cfranci7@villanova.edu
Fudal, Catherine Student, Class of '21
Gabriel, Kelly Graduate Student, Psychology kgabriel@villanova.edu
Gaetan, Jaivian Student, RA, Class of '21
Gaffney, Eileen Student, Class of '20 egaffne3@villanova.edu
Gagnier, Stephen Student, RA, Class of '19 sgagnie1@villanova.edu
Galiv, Begum Student, Class of '19
Gallagher, Kathy Staff, Wildcard Dougherty 1st Floor - Wildcard Office
Galloway, Michelle Staff, VSB, Clay Center michelle.galloway@villanova.edu
Gambale, Noelle
Student, RA, Class of '19 ngambale@villanova.edu
Gans, Rachel Student, Class of '19 rgans@villanova.edu
Gant, Madiah Student, Class of '19 mgant1@villanova.edu
Garcia, Antonio Student, RA, Class of '19 agarci26@villanova.edu
Garippa, Allison Student, RA, Class of '19 agarippa@villanova.edu
Garland, Kashae Student, Class of '22 kgarlan1@villanova.edu
Garvey, Sue Staff, University Communication sue.garvey@villanova.edu
Garzio-Hadzick, Amanda Staff, Engineering amanda.garzio-hadzick@villanova.edu
Gauvin, Kathryn Student, RA, Class of '19 kgauvin1@villanova.edu
George, Michael Staff, Graphic Services michael.george@villanova.edu
GetekSoltis, Kathryn Staff, Peace & Justice kathryn.geteksoltis@villanova.edu
Giancatarino, Katie Staff, Campus Ministry catharine.giancatarino@villanova.edu
Gibson, Carolyn Staff, Education Abroad
Gibson, Erin Student, RA, Class of '19 egibso11@villanova.edu
Gilman, Maryellen Staff, Bursar's Office maryellen.gilman@villanova.edu
Gilmore, Caitlin Staff, VSB, Clay Center caitlin.gilmore@villanova.edu
Giometti, Martae Staff, VSB martae.giometti@villanova.edu
Giordano, Michael Student, RA, Class of '19 mgiord15@villanova.edu
Giuricich, Zachary Student, Engineering, Class of '19
Glass, Austin Student, Class of '22 aglass1@villanova.edu
Glenn, Marylou Staff, Office of the Provost marylou.glenn@villanova.edu
Go, Gwenny Grad Student, RA ggo1@villanova.edu
Gohel, Rohan Student, Class of '22 rgohel@villanova.edu
Gold, Zbynek Student, RA, Class of '19 zgold@villanova.edu
Goodreau, Rachel Student, RA, Class of '20 rgoodrea@villanova.edu
Goran, Ayan Student, Class of '19
Graham, Mark Anthony
Student, Class of '22
Graziola, Jonathan Staff, IT Operations, CLAS jonathan.graziola@villanova.edu
Griffin, Daniel L. Staff, Mission and Ministry daniel.l.griffin@villanova.edu
Grimes, Gregory Faculty, Arts & Sciences gregory.grimes@villanova.edu
Grimes, Kathleen Faculty, Theology & Religious Studies kathleen.grimes@villanova.edu
Grover, Gunita Faculty, Finance gunita.grover@villanova.edu
Grubb, Kevin C. Staff, Career Center kevin.c.grubb@villanova.edu
Guenther, Jack Student, RA, Class of '20 jguenth3@villanova.edu
Guevara, David Student, Class of '22 dguevara@villanova.edu
Gulotta, Anthony Grad Student, RA agulotta@villanova.edu
Hagan, O.S.A., Fr. Rob Staff, Athletics - Compliance robert.hagan@villanova.edu
Hala, John Staff, UnIT john.hala@villanova.edu
Haley, Patricia Staff, Environmental Safety patricia.haley@villanova.edu
Hall, Joshua Staff, Mail Services joshua.a.hall@villanova.edu
Hamberger, Eric Staff, VSB eric.hamberger@villanova.edu
Hannon, Lance Faculty, Sociology lance.hannon@villanova.edu
Hansen, Scott Staff, VSB scott.hansen@villanova.edu
Harden, Joyce Staff, Administrative/Events Asst., Dean's Office, The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences joyce.harden@villanova.edu
Harrington, Jaira
Faculty, Global Interdisciplinary Studies
Harris, Emily F. Student, Learning Support emily.f.harris@villanova.edu
Harris, Lisa Staff, Athletics lisa.harris@villanova.edu
Harris, Matthew Staff, Admissions matthew.harris@villanova.edu

Hassel, Beth

Staff, Center for Faith & Learning

Corr Hall, 1st Floor - Faith & Learning

Havlik, Stacey Faculty, Education & Counseling stacey.havlik@villanova.edu
Hayes, Katherine Student, RA, Class of '19 khayes15@villanova.edu
Haymaker, Kathryn Faculty, Mathematics & Statistics kathryn.haymaker@villanova.edu
Heincer, Hank Staff, UnIT Mendel 94
Henderson, Ryan Student, Class of '20 mhende13@villanova.edu
Hernandez, Sophia Student, RA, Class of '19 shernan6@villanova.edu
Heuermann, Taylor Student, Class of '19 theuerma@villanova.edu
Hibbs, Elisa Staff, Theatre elisa.hibbs@villanova.edu
Hidore, Kimberly Staff, VSB kimberly.hidore@villanova.edu
Hill, Susan Staff, UnIT susan.hill@villanova.edu
Hinch, Taylor Student, Class of '21 thinch@villanova.edu
Hodges, Melissa Faculty, Sociology and Criminology melissa.hodges@villanova.edu
Hoffman, Tim Staff, Office of the Provost
Hohman, Joseph P. Staff, Residence Life joseph.hohman@villanova.edu
Hollis, Karyn Faculty, English Department karyn.hollis@villanova.edu
Hollis, O.S.A., Fr. Keith Staff, Campus Ministry keith.hollis@villanova.edu
Holmes, Charlotte Staff, Office of Undergraduate Studies charlotte.holmes@villanova.edu
Hostler, Mary Ann Staff, Sociology and Criminology mary.ann.hostler@villanova.edu
House, Haniah Student, Class of '19
Howley, Colin Student, Class of '20
Hunter, Brooke Faculty, English brooke.hunter@villanova.edu
Hybl, Joshua Student, Class of '21 jhybl@villanova.edu
Hyde, Margaret Student, Class of '21
Ilic, Rebecca Student, Class of '20 rilic@villanova.edu
Implicito, Catherine Student, Class of '21 cimplici@villanova.edu
Irving, Emily Staff, University Advancement emily.irving@villanova.edu
Irwin-Diehl, Rebecca Graduate Student, Class of '23 rirwindi@villanova.edu
Islam, Istifa Student, Class of '22
Jackson, Megan Student, Class of '22 mjacks24@villanova.edu
Jacobs, Jhaakira Staff, Career Center jhaakira.jacobs@villanova.edu
Jaczynski, Linda Staff, Campus Ministry St. Rita's, 1st Floor - Campus Ministry
Jamison, David Faculty, Mechanical Engineering david.jamison@villanova.edu
Jenkins, Evan Student, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Class of '19 ejenkins@villanova.edu
Johnson, Danielle Faculty, Public Administration danielle.johnson@villanova.edu
Jones, Jamilah D. Student, Class of '19 jjones57@villanova.edu
Jones, Nykeia Student, Class of '19 njones16@villanova.edu
Jorgensen, Mackenzie Student, Class of '20 mjorgen1@villanova.edu
Joyce, Jennifer Faculty, Arts & Sciences jennifer.joyce@villanova.edu
Juniewicz, Gabriela Student, Class of '21 gjuniewi@villanova.edu
Juo, Jia yin Student, RA, Class of '19 jluo1@villanova.edu
Kalata, Kathy Student, VSB, Class of '20
Kane, Kimberly Staff, Accounting kimberly.kane@villanova.edu
Kaneria, Shlok Student, Sciences, Class of '20 skaneri1@villanova.edu
Karrant, Rebeka Staff, Electrical & Computer Engineering & Honors rebeka.karrant@villanova.edu
Kasunic, Julie Student, RA, Class of '20 jkasunic@villanova.edu
Keane, Joanna Student, Class of '19
Keating, Michael D. Student, Class of '22 mkeati12@villanova.edu
Keenan, Aislinn Student, Class of '19
Kees, Jeremy Faculty, Marketing Bartley 3006 - Marketing Department
Keilsohn, William Grad Student, Biiology wkeilsoh@villanova.edu
Keith, Sarah Staff, CLAS sarah.keith@villanova.edu
Kelly, Mary T. Faculty, Economics
Key, Kevin
Student, RA, Class of '21 kkey1@villanova.edu
Kinsella, John Michael Student, Class of '21 jkinsell@villanova.edu
Knauss, Stefanie Faculty, Theology & Religious Studies stefanie.knauss@villanova.edu
Knecht, Amanda Faculty, Mathematical Sciences amanda.knecht@villanova.edu
Knoll, Lauren Staff, VSB lauren.knoll@villanova.edu
Koch, Irene
Student, Class of '22 ikoch@villanova.edu
Kochoska, Angela Faculty, Astrophysics & Planetary Science angela.kochoska@villanova.edu
Kojak, Courtney Student, Nursing, Class of '19
Kolb, George Staff, Alumni Relations george.kolb@villanova.edu
Kossoy, Kate Student, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Class of '22

Kotschneff, Emil

Staff; UnIT

TSB 119 - UnIT - Chief Technical Officer

Kovacs, Connor Student, Class of '20

Kovolski, Christopher

Staff, Office of Exec. V.P.


Kraut, Daniel Faculty, Chemistry daniel.kraut@villanova.edu
Kremer, Peleg Faculty, Geography peleg.kremer@villanova.edu
Kriegel, Lindsey Staff, VSB lindsey.kriegel@villanova.edu
Kriesel, James C. Faculty, Roman Languages & Literature james.kriesel@villanova.edu
Krutz, Ellen Staff, Human Resources ellen.krutz@villanova.edu
Kulla, Michelle Staff, Human Resources michelle.kulla@villanova.edu
Kurchan, Eydiejo Faculty, Chemistry eydiejo.kurchan@villanova.edu
Kurt, Marissa Student, RA, Class of '19 mkurt@villanova.edu
Kurtz, John E. Faculty, Psychology
Kurzweil, Andrew Grad Student, RA, Class of '20
Kwon, Ae
Student, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Class of '19
Le, Rachael Student, Class of '22 rle1@villanova.edu
Leamon, Ashley Staff, Graduate Studies ashley.leamon@villanova.edu
Ledesma, Justin Staff, Admissions justin.ledesman@villanova.edu
Lee, Caroline Student, Class of '19 clee68@villanova.edu
Lees, Connor Student, RA, Class of '19 clees3@villanova.edu
LeGrand, Katie Staff, Athletics katherine.legrand@villanova.edu
Lenthe, Alice Staff, Environmental Health & Safety alice.lenthe@villanova.edu
Leonardo, Nathalie Student, Class of '20
Leroux, Claire Student, RA, Class of '19 cleroux@villanova.edu
Levine, Caroline Student, Class of '22 clevine1@villanova.edu

Levitan, Michael

Faculty, Mathematical Sciences


Lewis, David Student, RA, Class of '19 dlewis13@villanova.edu
Liberato, Jennifer Staff, Residence Life jennifer.liberato@villanova.edu
Lieu, Cassandra Student, Class of '19
Lima, Jacqueline Student, RA, Class of '19 jlima1@villanova.edu
Lin, Austin Student, Class of '21 alin11@villanova.edu
Lindenmuth, Taylor Student, Class of '19 tlindenm@villanova.edu
Lindley, Jonathan Student, RA,Class of '19 jlindley@villanova.edu
Lockwood, Sophia Student, RA, Class of '19 slockwo1@villanova.edu
Loftus, Gabriella Student, Class of '21 gloftus@villanova.edu
Long, Timothy Student, RA, Class of '20 tlong5@villanova.edu
Longo, Thomas Graduate Student, RA, Physics tlongo1@villanova.edu
Lukens, R Edel Faculty, Undergraduate Studies r.edel.lukens@villanova.edu

Lutes, Jean

Faculty, English

SAC 457 - English Department

MacDonald, Shauna Faculty, Communication shauna.macdonald@villanova.edu
MacKenzie, Meredith Faculty, Nursing meredith.mackenzie@villanova.edu
Magnier, Thomas Student, Class of '21
Malenda, Angelina Student, Class of '19
Malmskog, Beth Faculty, Mathematics & Statistics beth.malmskog@villanova.edu
Malott, Krista Faculty, Education & Counseling krista.malott@villanova.edu
Manosca, Nawnora
Student, RA, Class of '19 nmanosca@villanova.edu
Marcotte, Meredith Student, RA, Class of '20 mmarcott@villanova.edu
Margolis, Nancy Staff, Writing Center nancy.margolis@villanova.edu
Mariani, Bette Faculty, Nursing bette.mariani@villanova.edu
Martin, Joanna Staff, College of Professional Studies
Massonnat, Francois Faculty, Romance Languages francois.massonnat@villanova.edu
Mastracchio, Nicole Student, RA, Class of '19 nmastrac@villanova.edu
Matthews, Laura Staff, Undergraduate Students laura.matthews@villanova.edu
Matney, Samuel Student, RA, Class of '19
May, Jared Staff, Mission & Ministry jared.may@villanova.edu
Mazar, Kylie (Shea) Staff, VSB kylie.mazar@villanova.edu
Mazzoni, Lisa Staff, Procurement lisa.mazzoni@villanova.edu
Mazzotta, Rosemary Staff, Athletics rosemary.mazzotta@villanova.edu
McAssey, Sarah Student, RA, Class of '19 smcassey@villanova.edu
McAvoy, Sarah Student, Class of '22 smcavoy3@villanova.edu
McCall, Timothy Faculty, History Department SAC 445, timothy.mccall@villanova.edu
McCarthy, Kristy Staff, Health Promotion kristy.mccarthy@villanova.edu
McDermott-Levy, Ruth Faculty, Nursing Driscoll Hall - College of Nursing
McDonnell, Martin Staff, Unit mcdonnell@law.villanova.edu
McElroy, Shayla Staff, Career Center shayla.mcelroy@villanova.edu
McElwee, Sean Staff, Campus Ministry sean.mcelwee@villanova.edu
McGann, Lael Staff, First & Second Year Initiatives
McGee, Dan Staff, UnIT TSB, B113, Lower Level - UnIT
McGonigle, Mary Staff, Health Center HSB 3rd Floor - Health Center
McKay, Michelle Faculty, Nursing
McKenna, Danielle Student, Class of '21 dmckenn4@villanova.edu
McKenzie, Connor Student, Class of '19 cmcken23@villanova.edu
McMonigle-Caprara, Margaret Faculty, French margaret.mcmonigle-caprara@villanova.edu
McNamara, Sally Student, Class of '21 smcnama8@villanova.edu
McStravog, Aimee Staff, Career Center aimee.mcstravog@villanova.edu
Meier, Ashley Student, RA, Class of '19
Mendez, Jim Faculty, Nursing james.mendez@villanova.edu
Michonski, Rebecca Student, RA, Class of '19 rmichons@villanova.edu
Migliarino, Millie (aka Carmela) Staff, Admissions carmela.migliarino@villanova.edu
Miles, Alicia Staff, Law School
Mitchell, Benjamin R. Faculty, Computing Sciences benjamin.r.mitchell@villanova.edu
Mitchell, Maurice
Graduate Student, CASA, RA, Class of '19
Mix, McKenzie Student, Class of '21
Mongiello, Kathy Staff, VSB, Clay Center kathy.mongiello@villanova.edu
Montebello, Kate Student, Class of '19 kmontebe@villanova.edu
Montecchio, Ashley Staff, Athletics ashley.montecchio@villanova.edu
Monteleone, Gabriel Student, RA, Class of '19 gmonte02@villanova.edu
Mooney, Christine Faculty, Law School mooney@law.villanova.edu
Moran, Marian Staff, Fraternity & Sorority Life marian.moran@villanova.edu
Morris, Christopher Graduate Student, RA, Theology cmorri30@villanova.edu
Morris, Thomas S. Staff, Education Abroad thomas.s.morris@villanova.edu

Morrissey, Matt

Staff, UnIT

TSB 113 - UnIT

Moszkowicz, Jessica Student, RA, Class of '19 jmoszkow@villanova.edu
Mott, Nancy Staff, Learning Support Services Vasey Hall - Learning Support Services
Mueller, Sydney Student, Class of '19 smueller@villanova.edu
Muller, Kaitlyn Faculty, Mathematics & Statistics k.muller@villanova.edu
Munter, Lauren Student, Class of '19 lmunter@villanova.edu
Murray, Billie Faculty, Communication billie.murray@villanova.edu

Murray, Brian

Staff, Athletics - Business

JNF 2nd Floor - Athletics

Nadorlik, Katie Staff, Graduate Studies katie.nadorlik@villanova.edu

Nance, Terry

Staff, Office of Diversity and Inclusion


NarvaezDiaz, Carla Faculty, Biology cnarva01@villanova.edu
Nash, Abigail Student, RA, Class of '19 anash4@villanova.edu
Nass, Christine Staff, Music Activities christine.nass@villanova.edu
N'Diaye, Rachel Staff, Nursing rachel.ndiaye@villanova.edu

Nolan, Scott

Staff, Connelly Center

Connelly Center 1st Floor

Nowosad, Zack Staff, Engineering zack.nowosad@villanova.edu
Obermyer, Kristin
Faculty, Computing Sciences kristin.obermyer@villanova.edu

O'Brien, Jim

Faculty, Mechanical Engineering

Tolentine 300 - Mechanical Engineering

O'Brien, Teri

Staff, Student Life


O'Connell, Logan Student, Class of '21 loconne4@villanova.edu
O'Connor, Ann Staff, VSB ann.oconnor@villanova.edu
Oddo, Mark
Student, Class of '22 moddo@villanova.edu
Oladunjoye, Opeyemi Student, RA, Class of '20 ooladunj@villanova.edu
Olson, Laura Student, Class of '20 lolson5@villanova.edu
O'Neil, Connor Gradudate Student, Finance coneil@villanova.edu
Orr, Laura Staff, Music Activities laura.orr@villanova.edu
Ostroff, Victoria Staff, Counseling Center victoria.ostroff@villanova.edu

Pacella, Trudy

Staff, Mission & Ministry


Pagano, Maria
Graduate Student, Class of '19 mpagano5@villanova.edu
Palenchar, Peter Faculty, Chemistry peter.palenchar@villanova.edu
Palmerio, Josh Staff, University Card Systems, Wildcard joshua.palmerio@villanova.edu
Pane, Taylor Student, Class of '21
Papalaskari, Mary Faculty, Computing Sciences mary.papalaskari@villanova.edu
Park, Kyung Student, Class of '21 kpark13@villanova.edu
Pascal, Spencer Student, RA, Class of '20 spascal@villanova.edu
Pasles, Elise Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics elise.pasles@villanova.edu
Pasles, Paul Faculty, Mathematics & Statistics paul.pasles@villanova.edu
Passaro, Sophie Student, Class of '21 spassaro@villanova.edu
Patch, Debra Staff, Public Safety debra.patch@villanova.edu
Pawlik, Laura Student, Class of '19 lpawlik@villanova.edu
Pearce, Amy Staff, Finance amy.pearce@villanova.edu
Pearson, Tiffany Student, Class of '21 tpearso6@villanova.edu
Perry, Adrienne Faculty, English adrienne.perry@villanova.edu
Pesini, Stephen Staff, UnIT stephen.pesini@villanova.edu
Pfender, Emily Grad Student, Office of Diversity epfender@villanova.edu
Pham, Hau
Student, RA, Class of '20 hpham6@villanova.edu
Phelan, James Student, Engineering, Class of '20 jphelan7@villanova.edu
Phillips, Chelsea Faculty, Theatre chelsea.phillips@villanova.edu
Pinchock, George Staff, Music Activities george.pinchock@villanova.edu
Pineda, Claudia Student, Class of '22
Pinone, Steve Staff, Athletics steve.pinone@villanova.edu

Pollack-Johnson, Bruce

Faculty, Mathematical Sciences


Pollart, Matthew Staff, Environmental Health & Safety matthew.pollart@villanova.edu
Pontarelli, Nicholas Staff, VSB nicholas.pontarelli@villanova.edu
Popa, Delia Faculty, Philosophy
Posner, Michael Faculty, Mathematical Sciences michael.posner@villanova.edu
Post, Candice Staff, Counseling Center candice.post@villanova.edu
Precourt, Katherine Student, RA, Class of '19 kprecour@villanova.edu
Presley, Charisma Staff, CASA charisma.presley@villanova.edu
Press, James
Grad Student, Engineering jpress2@villanova.edu
Price, Alexis Student, Class of '22 aprice10@villanova.edu
Proctor, Shawn Staff, University Communication shawn.proctor@villanova.edu
Puszcz, Brendan Student, Class of '21
Quinn, Joanne Staff, Communication & Marketing joanne.quinn@villanova.edu

Quisenberry, Chrissy

Staff; Office of the President

Tolentine Hall 1st Floor - President's Office

Raposa, Rosemary Staff, Admissions rosemary.raposa@villanova.edu
Rappa, Amanda Student, Class of '21 arappa@villanova.edu
Rebalsky, Rebecca Staff, CLAS rebecca.rebalsky@villanova.edu
Redick, Colin Staff, VSB colin.redick@villanova.edu
Reilly, Kimberly Staff, Theatre kimberly.reilly@villanova.edu
Reingold, Nicole Student, RA, Class of '19 nreingol@villanova.edu
Reinhart, Marisa Student, Class of '19 mreinha4@villanova.edu
Remelius, Liz Staff, College of Professional Studies elizabeth.remelius@villanova.edu
Remster, Brianna
Faculty, Sociology & Criminology brianna.remster@villanova.edu
Rene, Cindy Student, RA, Class of '20 crene1@villanova.edu
Reynolds, Madeline Staff, Honors madeline.reynolds@villanova.edu

Rickert, Clete

Staff, UnIT

TSB 226 - UnIT - University Information Systems

Rigsby, Whitey Staff, Athletics whitey.rigsby@villanova.edu
Robinson, Eric Student, RA, Class of '19 erobins4@villanova.edu
Robinson, Maryanne Faculty, Law School maryann.robinson@law.villanova.edu
Rockwell, Amy K. Staff, Student Involvement amy.rockwell@villanova.edu
Rodriguez, Kerlyn Student, RA, Class of '19 krodrig6@villanova.edu
Rodriguez, Victor Student, RA, Class of '20 vrodrig4@villanova.edu
Rose, Heidi Faculty, Communications heidi.rose@villanova.edu
Rose, Maura Student, Class of '20

Ross, Jody

Faculty, English

Old Falvey 206B

Rost, Ryan

Staff, University Compliance


Rothermel, Jacob Staff, Theatre jacob.rothermel@villanova.edu

Rylander, Sheila B.

Gov. Staff for NROTC

John Barry Hall; Naval Science

Saleh, Matthew Staff, Law School matthew.saleh@law.villanova.edu
Salvati, Anna Staff, Engineering anna.salvati@villanova.edu
Samahon, Tuan Faculty, Law School samahon@law.villanova.edu
Sambor, Hannah
Student, RA, Class of '19
Sanchez-Castaneda, Isabella Student, Class of '20
Santee, David Faculty, Law School santee@law.villanova.edu
Schauder, Marie Staff, Residence Life marie.schauder@villanova.edu
Scheiner, Sydney Staff, Dean of Students
Scheuring, Emily Student, RA, Class of '20 escheuri@villanova.edu
Schick, Joseph T. Faculty, Physics joseph.schick@villanova.edu
Schieda, Tyler Student, Class of '21 tschieda@villanova.edu
Schmidt, Chris Faculty, Education and Counseling
Schmidt, John A. Faculty, Biology john.a.schmidt@villanova.edu
Schreckengaust, John Student, Class of '22 jschrec1@villanova.edu
Schultz, Steven Faculty, Law School schultz@law.villanova.edu
Schwarz, Liesel Staff, Facilities Management liesel.schwarz@villanova.edu
Schweitzer, Alissa Staff, Student Involvement
Scoboria, Katie Rose Student, RA, Class of '19 cscobori@villanova.edu
Scott, Andrew G. Faculty, Classical Studies andrew.g.scott@villanova.edu
Seng DeLong, Noah Student, Class of '21 nsengdel@villanova.edu
Sepulveda, David Student, RA, Class of '20 dseputv1@villanova.edu
Sewell, Lisa Faculty, English lisa.sewell@villanova.edu

Shaffer, Peggy

Staff, UnIT

TSB 121A - UnIT

Sharts-Hopko, Nancy

Faculty, College of Nursing


Shave, Samantha Student, RA, Class of '19
Sheetz, Julia Staff, Campus Ministry julia.sheetz@villanova.edu
Sherman, Michelle Staff, Campus Ministry michelle.sherman@villanova.edu
Shield, Margaret Student, RA, Class of '19
Short, Kellen
Student, CLAS, Class of '20

Simmons, Mary Beth

Staff, Writing Center

Falvey 202 - Writing Center

Simoneaux, Isabelle Student, Class of '21
Simpson, James Staff, Public Safety james.simpson@villanova.edu
Skalko, Ivanica Student, Class of '22 iskalko@villanova.edu
Skrlaclo, Rachel Faculty, Education & Counseling rachel.skrlaclo@villanova.edu
Sloane, Edward Staff, Campus Ministry edward.sloane@villanova.edu
Slotter, Erica Faculty, Psychology erica.slotter@villanova.edu
Smart IV, Dalton Student, Class of '20
Smith, Kayla Student, Class of '19 ksmit112@villanova.edu
Smith, Kyle Robert Student, Class of '22 ksmit123@villanova.edu
Socket, Ellen Staff, VSB ellen.socket@villanova.edu
Somich, Maverick
Student, RA, Class of '19 msomich2@villanova.edu
Sorgini, Gina Staff, OPIR regina.sorgini@villanova.edu
Sowa, Emily Student, Nursing, Class of '21
Sprinkle, Sarah
Student, RA, Class of '19 ssprinkl@villanova.edu
Stackhouse, Christine Staff, Alumni Relations christine.stackhouse@villanova.edu
Stahl, Kallie Staff, Communication & Marketing kallie.stahl@villanova.edu
Stanislaus, Denzell Graduate Student, Residence Life, RA dstanisl@villanova.edu
Starr, Deanna Graduate Student, Communications, RA dstarr1@villanova.edu
Stein, Emma Student, RA, Class of '21 estein2@villanova.edu
Stehl, William Staff, Campus Ministry william.stehl@villanova.edu
Stepanek, Katie Student, RA, Class of '19 kstepane@villanova.edu
Stephen, Barbara Faculty, Nursing barbara.stephen@villanova.edu
Stewart, Leigh Staff, Office for Alumni Relations leigh.stewart@villanova.edu
Stover, Brenda Staff, VSB brenda.stover@villanova.edu
Stover, Colleen Staff, Chemical Engineering colleen.stover@villanova.edu
Strickler, Gaynor Faculty, Sociology SAC 278 - Sociology Department
Stuckey, Eamon Student, RA, Class of '19 estuckey@villanova.edu
Studer, Juliana Staff, Tutoring Services juliana.studer@villanova.edu
Stuver, Amber Faculty, Physics astuver@villanova.edu
Subacus, Melanie Faculty, Classics melanie.subacus@villanova.edu
Subik, Nicole Staff, Learning Support Services nicole.subik@villanova.edu
Sullivan, Brendan Student, Class of '19 bsulli25@villanova.edu
Sundberg, Brynn Grad Student, Chemistry bsundber@villanova.edu
Swope, Pam Staff, Admissions pamela.swope@villanova.edu
Szumanski, Kate Staff, OUS kathryn.szumanski@villanova.edu
Talley, Gina Faculty, CLAS gina.talley@villanova.edu
Tasca, Julia Grad Student, Chemistry jtasca@villanova.edu
Tawfik, Eriny Student, RA, Class of '19 etawfik@villanova.edu
Taylor, Jessica Staff, DiLella Center for RE
Thiem, Yannik Faculty, Philosophy yannik.thiem@villanova.edu
Thompson, Catherine Staff, Alumni Relations catherine.thompson@villanova.edu
Thoroughgood, Christian Faculty, Psychology christian.thoroughgood@villanova.edu

Tian, Doudou

Staff, UnIT

TSB 205B - UnIT

Tiedemann, John Staff, Public Safety john.tiedemann@villanova.edu

Tighe, Lynn

Staff, Athletics-Student Services

JNF 1st Floor - Athletics

Toner, Cathy J. Staff, VSB cathy.toner@villanova.edu
Tong, Shan Grad Student, Civil Engineering stong1@villanova.edu
Toscano, Joseph Faculty, Psychology joseph.toscano@villanova.edu
Touma, Rachel Student, RA, VSB, Class of '20 rtouma@villanova.edu
Toy, Jordan Staff, OUS
Trail, Ann Staff, Office of Undergraduate Students, A&S
Trainer, James F. Staff, OPIR james.trainer@villanova.edu
Treacy, Patrick
Student, Class of '20 ptreacy@villanova.edu
Tumolo, Nick Staff, Dean of Students
Tuzio, Colleen Staff, Nursing colleen.tuzio@villanova.edu
Umile, Thomas Faculty, Chemistry thomas.umile@villanova.edu
Vaillancourt, Alissa Faculty, Classical Studies alissa.vaillancourt@villanova.edu
Valentine, Michael Student, RA, Class of '20 mvalen12@villanova.edu
Vaughan, Sara Student, RA, Class of '19 svaugha1@villanova.edu
Vena, Tayler Staff, Athletics tayler.vena@villanova.edu
Venella, Allison Staff, Athletics allison.venella@villanova.edu
Viescas, Amber Staff, A&S amber.viescas@villanova.edu
Villano, Debra Staff, Registrar's Office debra.villano@villanova.edu
Vliet, Kristine Staff, Engineering kristine.vliet@villanova.edu
Voloshin, Rachel Student, Engineering, Class of '21 rvoloshi@villanova.edu
Vuoto, Christie Staff, Career Center christie.vuoto@villanova.edu
Wahesh, Edward Faculty, Education & Counseling edward.wahesh@villanova.edu
Wahl, Jennifer Staff, Athletics jennifer.wahl@villanova.edu
Walsh, David Staff, Campus Ministry david.walsh@villanova.edu
Wang, Q Faculty, Communication Department q.wang@villanova.edu
Wang, Wendy Student, Class of '20 wwang7@villanova.edu
Ward, Lauren Staff, CASA lauren.ward@villanova.edu
Warren, Susann Staff, Law School Student Services susann.warren@law.villanova.edu

Warrick, Catherine

Faculty, Political Science


Weaver, Juanita

Faculty, Communication

Garey Hall - Communication Department

Weinstein, Randy  Staff, Office of the Prosost

Welch, Kelly

Faculty, Sociology

SAC 274 - Sociology Department

Welsch, Katharine

Staff, Inn at Villanova University

Dundale, Ground Floor - Development

Weston, Kerri Student, Class of '21
Westrate, Michael T. Staff, Office of UG Research & Fellowship

Wetzel, James

Faculty, Philosophy

SAC 177 - Philosophy Department

Whalen, Nancy Staff, Law School whalen@law.villanova.edu

Whan Tong, Hubert

Staff, International Students

Connelly 2nd floor - International Student Office

Wheeland, Craig

Staff, Office of the Provost


Wheeler, Samantha Staff, Career Center samantha.wheeler@villanova.edu
Whinney, Jennifer Staff, VSB jennifer.whinney@villanova.edu
White, Ricki Graduate Student, A&S, Class of '19 rwhite20@villanova.edu
Whitfield, Emily Faculty, Biology Mendel 193A - Biology Department
Whiting, Matthew Student, Class of '19 mwhiting@villanova.edu

Whitney, Joan

Staff, Counseling Center

HSB 1st floor - Counseling Center

Wilkerson, Ryan Staff, Health Promotion
Williams, Amber Staff, Residence Life
Willliams, Khalida Student, RA, Class of '21
Willliams, Yacina Student, Class of '22 ywillia2@villanova.edu
Wilms, Emily Staff, UnIT emily.wilms@viillanova.edu
Wilson, Shannon Staff, VSB shannon.wilson@villanova.edu
Winer, Rebecca Faculty, History rebecca.winer@villanova.edu
Wingo, Sarah Staff, Falvey Library sarah.wingo@villanova.edu
Wittels, Mia Staff, Career Center mia.wittels@villanova.edu
Wosczyna, Terri Staff, Engineering therese.wosczyna@villanova.edu

Wykoff, Dennis

Faculty, Biology


Wykowski, Andrew Student, Class of '19 awykowsk@villanova.edu
Yadav, Jyotasna Student, Class of '19 jyadav@villanova.edu

Yates, Jonathan

Faculty, Theology & Religious Studies


Yee, Terence Faculty, Education & Counseling terence.yee@villanova.edu
Young, Carter Student, Class of '19 cyoung25@villanova.edu
Zhang, Tony
Student, RA, Class of '20 tzhang7@villanova.edu
Zubris, Deanna Faculty, Chemistry