Reach Mentors and Mentees

Villanova Outreach Program  

Sponsored by OIA

REACH is a student organization that offers tutoring and mentoring for high school students from under-resourced areas of Philadelphia.

Our mission is to create a relationship with inner- city high school students that encourages academic, professional, and personal growth. We seek to expose inner-city youth to the reality of being a minority on a college campus and provide them with the skills necessary to enroll in a prestigious university.


Mentoring and Tutoring Programs

Family Day 2017

Our mentoring program is geared toward providing minority students from the city with college mentors that can build connections and help students personally invest in their future. They have made this possible by exposing the students:

  • to regularly scheduled cultural events,
  • providing them with speaker events, and
  • allowing them to experience the campus, culture, and lifestyle of different institutions.
ACT Prep

Our tutoring program serves to help students work through troubling school subjects with confidence. This program highlights the significance of being a reliable resource by:

  • scheduling recurring appointments,
  • aiding a student's improvement in understanding difficult material , and
  • assisting in their academic development for college preparation.
Students in Bartley


Reach Founders

Co-Founder: Juwan Rainer
Co-Founder: Morgan Reid
Co-Founder: Emmanual Gray

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