Committee Application

The MLK Day of Service Committee actively works to plan and coordinate the daily activities associated with the MLK Day of Service. Committee members must:

  • attend the MLK Day of Service (January 21, 2019)
  • be present at weekly general committee meetings
  • meet with sub-committee members
  • fulfill additional responsibilities associated with each position.

Application Deadline: Friday, March 16, 2018

Why is service important to you?

Reflecting on Dr. MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech, tell us one aspect that stands out to you, and why?

Imagine a situation where you cannot complete a task because you are waiting on someone else to complete his or hers. How would you handle this situation?

Which Position are you applying for?  (See descriptions below)
(You may apply for up to two positions.) 

Please answer the questions for the position for which you are applying.


Administrative Chair

Your responsibility is to be up-to-date on the master calendar of the committee, specifically updating the calendar with each of the committee member’s tasks and activities. This position entails coordinating transportation with the Office of Public Safety and working with the committee members to ensure the completion of clearances. Working with Dining Services and other logistical tasks are also part of the commitment to being the Chair of Administration. 

Explain how you stay organized and manage multiple tasks. Do you use a calendar or planner?

How do you manage your time? What is your go-to approach?




Your responsibility is to promote MLK Day of Service through various print media and social media. You are also responsible for designing all merchandise associated with the day (ie. T-shirts, banners, posters, website, etc). You must also help decorate on the MLK DOS site and make sure students have all the correct information when volunteering for MLK DOS. 

Let’s say you are tasked with creating a flyer. We need you to get the word out about when registration for volunteers starts. No need to go crazy, but describe what the flyer may look like and how you would incorporate Dr. MLK Jr’s values into the advertising.

How are you creative? Do you have any pertinent skills for this position such as: computer or artistic skills? Are you comfortable with using social media, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.?




Your responsibility is to design all of the applications for volunteer registration, leader registration, and on-campus volunteer registration. You are to work with the Chair of On-Campus activities in order to keep track of required paperwork. Part of your responsibility is to serve as the point of contact for any students that have questions during the volunteer/leader registration process.  

SCENARIO: It is the day before MLK Day of Service, everything is set for MLK Day, groups have been made, transportation assigned, and the sites have been designated. A group of people sends you an email asking if they can volunteer for MLK Day of Service. They have already passed the deadline. How would you handle that situation?  

MLK Day of Service collects a significant amount of required paperwork from students participating in the Day of Service. With over 400 volunteers, and 1600 sheets of paper, things can easily be lost. Design a simple system to check-in the paperwork, organize it, and ensure that each student submits the paperwork that is required. 




Your responsibilities would include: contacting local elementary schools to have them participate in our activities and collecting their applications; keeping a running list of the elementary students attending on-campus activities; contacting athletic teams and student organizations to participate in MLK Day of Service; and, creating a schedule of the on-campus events for the entire day. 

Respond to the situation below: “The student organizations that have registered, have not submitted their required paperwork, and it’s the day before the Day of Service.” How would you handle this? 

20% of school aged children, ages 6 to 19, are obese in the United States. What are some ways that we can help to counter this during our Let’s Move Camp?




Your major responsibility is to contact the service sites that we will be sending Villanova students to on Martin Luther King Day in January. You will contact them for registration and continually update them with any information that they ask for or information that the Committee needs to be aware of. Sites can be determined from our pre-existing partners and from a list given to you by STOV. Your second task is to keep a running list of supplies needed for each site and how many volunteers we need for all sites.

How comfortable are you with communicating with others - in a group, with faculty, with peers, etc. Are you comfortable making professional phone calls, why or why not?

Imagine that, as a committee member, you receive an email indicating that a site has requested anywhere from 30 to 100 volunteers for their service site. However, our committee has not finished gathering final numbers for student volunteers.
How would you respond to this?




Your responsibility is to train the site leaders on how to lead reflection and handle a wide variety of scenarios on the actual day of service. This position requires you to keep in touch with all of the leaders, create and distribute leader packets containing information about each of their sites and groups, and answer any questions they might have for themselves or for anyone in their group. This also requires hosting two training sessions for leaders to attend at least one of. In addition, the Leadership Chair is responsible for coordinating the Partnership Dinner with advisers of the committee

You are in charge of planning a dinner. Describe the procedure which you will take to ensure that the dinner is a success. 

One of your roles is to train the site leaders. What are some good ways to effectively communicate the necessary information during the workshop?




The purpose of the Finance Committee is to raise funds and gain corporate sponsorship for the operations of the MLK Day Committee, as well as overseeing the MLK Day Committee budget and spending.  Ultimately, if something pertains to money, the Finance Committee is in charge of it.

Have you ever had to convince or persuade someone for a cause? What was the experience like, did you succeed and what did you learn from it?

As part of the Finance Committee, it's important that you're able to stay on top of the expenses and the budget. How would you go about organizing all this information to ensure that you never lose track of a single dollar?