• Learning Edge Workshops: ACT provides its members with the opportunity to participate in a three day retreat. The first two days consist of identity workshops, and the last day is an introduction to facilitation. 
  • Racial Literacy Training: This training creates a space for people to openly and honestly work through their personal struggles discussing racial issues. We will use storytelling and relaxation techniques to address the emotional aspects of racial stress, which too often go unaddressed. Our goal is to build the social and emotional skills necessary to live and work in increasingly diverse settings. This training is appropriate for people from all racial/ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, and political affiliations.
  • Real Talks: Facilitated dialogues amongst students on a current topic in society.
  • Touch of Diversity Skit: During Orientation, ACT members perform a skit for all new incoming students that hopes to disrupt new students perceptions of what happens at Villanova and provide tools to act as an ally. 
  • Diversity Skit 2.0: During the Spring semester, ACT members perform another skit or activity to build off of the Touch of Diversity Skit. 

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Office of Intercultural Affairs
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