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VUnited Workshop Photos

VUnited leaders - Morgan and Mimi
VUnited's fearless leaders, Morgan and Mimi, pose as the rest of the students engage in speed dating!
Peter and Emmet were deep in discussion about why the Georgia State football team was going to be allowed to play in the Atlanta Braves stadium.
Claire and Peter
Claire makes Peter pinky promise that they will stay best friends, and Peter makes Claire promise that she will teach him how to do yoga.
Julia and Domenic
Julia works with Dominic on deciding which workshops he thinks will most benefit him over the next couple weeks of VUnited classes.
Eric and Mentor
VUnited student Eric works on writing his letter that he will get back at the end of the 6-week VUnited session, so that he can look back and see the progress he has made.
VUnited Leah and Peter
VUnited mentor, Leah, and VUnited student, Peter, bond over what superpower they wish they could have.
VUnited leaders - Morgan and Mimi
Each VUnited student received a personalized poster from their mentor welcoming them on their first day as Villanovans.
Trevor and Tyreke
VUnited mentor Trevor helps Tyreke write his letter on what Tyreke’s hopes and goals are over the next few weeks of VUnited
Tyreke, Brandon and Emmet
Tyreke shares with Emmet and Brandon where he would like to travel, if he could travel anywhere in the world, during a round of speed dating
Lorenzo and Kristin
The bonding continued throughout the morning as Lorenzo told Kristin that his childhood dream was to be a professional baseball player.