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The Program

Unlike other programs taught solely in a classroom setting with theoretical case studies, VU-SEED:

  • will be taught by successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, including several Villanova University alumni.  
  • instructors will not only deliver a structured curriculum but will share their own real-life corporate experiences – successes and failures.  
  • instructors will work directly with each participant to help them vet, plan, build, market and launch their venture and ultimately serve as advisors for their successful ongoing operations. 
  • understands that business ownership is not for everyone and through the VU-SEED Basic Training Course, we will work with each participant to determine if new venture creation is the right fit for him/her. 

VU-SEED’s philosophy is that initial classroom training alone is not sufficient to help participants start their new ventures.  Unforeseen hurdles will arise and we believe that many students will sit through “continuing education” courses, not fully grasp all of the concepts, be too intimidated to take the next step and ultimately never act upon their dream.  That is why VU-SEED is comprised of four distinct programs including one-on-one coaching outside of the classroom enabling the participants to make their dream of making money for themselves a reality.  These four key modules include:

VU-SEED Basic Training

A 4-day, all-encompassing program tailor-made for people with disabilities,  Basic Training is designed to introduce them to the business world and to the intricacies of new venture ownership.  It will call upon the participants to:

  • deeply scrutinize their own personalities and backgrounds.
  • understand how their achievements in life and dealing with adversity can and will give them a competitive advantage in business.

VU-SEED’s Basic Training will introduce the process of “New Concept Creation” and determine whether an idea is actually a market-driven, viable business opportunity.  Participants will learn:

  • the economics and financials behind businesses 
  • the steps to funding their ventures
  • the legal structures available
  • intellectual property protections they will need to seek.  

In addition, the students will learn to:

  • define their markets 
  • identify key competitors in their industry
  • build effective teams
  • discover the most effective ways to market their ventures. 

Playbook Creation

Playbook Creation is available to those who have completed Basic Training and is a one-on-one program where a business coach will be assigned to each participant who is ready to expand his/her concept following the Basic Training Course.  The coach will work side-by-side, taking the student from aspiring entrepreneur to vet, creating and building a full business plan for the venture. 

Business Entry Prep

VU-SEED understands that new venture creation is not for everyone and that some participants would be better suited joining the workforce to build confidence, gain vital experience, and most important, prove that he/she is person worth a future investment.  Whether going right into business for themselves or some other private enterprise, Business Entry Prep is the ultimate tool to help them in this quest.  Each student will be provided:

  • guidance in resume and biography building
  • building a personal brand
  • networking
  • social media
  • marketing
  • interviewing

VU-SEED Launch Pad

This is where the rubber meets the road.  A program offered to participants who have completed the prior three modules, VU-SEED Launch Pad is the ultimate mentorship whereby VU-SEED will provide Advisory Board services to participants and their new careers or ventures.


VU-SEED has a track to help participants, not interested in entrepreneurship, prepare for entry into the corporate world, including support with:

  • resumes
  • interviews
  • marketing 
  • social media 
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