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Learning Objectives & Outcomes

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  • This program will offer an individually-based curriculum and support system with the understanding that disabilities are varied and that individual consideration of varied abilities is imperative.

  • This program will offer four distinct modules, including an initial 4-day workshop, providing individuals with disabilities the momentum needed to build their own business.

  • This program will pre-test and determine individual aptitude, passion, and skill level needed to become an entrepreneur.

  • This program will identify and educate the participants about navigating through the barriers to start a business, particularly those that often discourage individuals with disabilities away from entrepreneurship.

  • This program will review policy tools, resources, and organizations that help people with disabilities own independent businesses.

  • This program will work with agencies (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Small Business Administration, disability advocacy organizations, etc.) to identify resources in the evolution of a business idea.

  • This program will provide participants with individual mentoring from the brainstorming phase to the execution of a business idea.


  • Participants will gain the knowledge on how to build the network needed to obtain start-up capital for their business idea. 

  • Participants will undergo a professional vetting process and receive constructive feedback about their business ideas.

  • Participants will develop relevant business skills and create a knowledge base on effectively launching their unique business.

  • Participants will be provided with a personal business mentor and support team throughout the planning and execution of their business plan.

  • Participants will demonstrate the self-confidence to become successfully self-employed or otherwise employed in their desired business arena.